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LOVE Mug Centerpiece

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Candy Buffet Table 101

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Are There Ways To Save Money On A Reception?

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Planning the Reception Menu

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Sober Reception: Refreshing alternatives to alcohol that will satisfy your wedding guests

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Reception Location Budget Tips -- Destination Weddings

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Glossary: Receptions Q-Z

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Reception Location Budget Tips -- Receptions in Nature

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How can I ensure that my guests will enjoy our cocktail hour and menu selections?

Considering your guests' food preferences is a thoughtful gesture. But incorporating everyone's specific requests into your reception would be difficult or even impossible. So, no, ... Full story

What type of restrictions are appropriate to set at the reception beforehand?

In other words, can you give a black list of song requests for the DJ, or set a drink limit for party-going guests for the ... Full story

How far can you expect guests to travel from the ceremony to the reception?

There really isn’t a specific limit to how far from the ceremony you hold your reception. But it’s important to consider how your guests will ... Full story

Can we tell our maid of honor and best man what’s not appropriate to say in their toast?

Sure, but let them know in a clear and sensible way. Give them guidelines, such as "Please, no off-color jokes or raunchy anecdotes!" Your concern ... Full story

Should I plan special meals for children at the reception?

It’s not an etiquette requirement, but if you’re serving fancy foods that kids might not appreciate, it’s a good idea to offer other options. One ... Full story

Do I have to have my reception in the same place as my ceremony?

While it saves you some time and paperwork, you definitely don’t have to have your reception in the same place as your ceremony. Some couples ... Full story

What makes an ideal reception venue?

An ideal wedding reception venue follows these criteria: Accommodates your guest list -- and comfortably so, not standing-room-only. You want your guests to have enough room ... Full story

How long do wedding receptions usually run?

On average, wedding receptions that include full meals last around four hours, but you and the venue must agree on the time frame in advance. ... Full story

What are some alternative entertainment ideas for the reception?

Music-wise, some alternatives to the traditional band and/or DJ for wedding receptions include an a capella group or some type of specialty band -- like ... Full story

Should I hire an emcee?

If your DJ has a great personality and you think they'll be able to work the crowd, you don’t need to hire an emcee. If ... Full story

What's a sweetheart table?

A sweetheart table is a special table at the wedding reception that's just for the bride and groom. A couple who plans to be walking around ... Full story

Does the bridal party have to sit together?

You don’t have to, though it's common for the bridal party to sit together at one long table. If you have an especially large number ... Full story

Who cleans up after the reception?

The staff at your venue often takes care of the postwedding cleanup after your wedding reception, but that’s something you should confirm in advance. If ... Full story

How late should a Sunday evening reception run?

Wedding receptions held on Sunday evenings without a holiday the following day should end at around 11 p.m. Guests who traveled from far away to ... Full story

What are some alternatives to floral centerpieces?

Nonfloral centerpieces are gaining popularity at wedding receptions. Couples are getting creative and decorating their tables with the following: Fruit: Fill vases with apples, oranges, or ... Full story

Should I hire a babysitter for the children at the wedding?

If you choose a venue that has lots of space, set up a kids-only room with a television, DVD player, and games so the sitter ... Full story

Is it okay to mix tables?

f you want to seat your friends and family with your groom’s parents, go for it! In fact, couples often mix and match their tables ... Full story

When does the father-daughter dance take place?

The father-daughter dance is usually the second dance at the wedding reception, following the bride and groom’s first dance, but it can really be at any ... Full story

Where should I display the escort cards at the reception?

The two basic ways to display escort cards for your wedding reception are: Set them at each guest’s place setting, on or next to the plate, ... Full story

Do I have to serve a full meal at my reception?

No, you don’t. You can certainly opt for a passed-tray wedding reception of hors d’oeuvres instead of a full meal. These types of wedding receptions are ... Full story

What's a signature cocktail? How do I pick one?

A signature cocktail is a signature drink (usually contains alcohol, but doesn’t have to) served at cocktail hours and wedding receptions. You and your groom ... Full story

Is it okay to have a cash bar?

Cash bars at wedding receptions are the equivalent of asking someone to pay for a cocktail in your own home. You just don’t do it! If ... Full story

What guest issues do most brides complain about at the reception?

Your guest was on their best behavior at the actual wedding ceremony, but now it’s time for them to let loose at the reception – ... Full story

Are There "Must-Haves" for an Outdoor Reception?

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How Do You Select A Hotel For Your Reception?

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Should You Have a Friend or Family Member Cater?

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Must You Have A Bouquet Toss?

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