88 Must-Take Wedding Photos

Please Note: Since most of these shots are candid, they will more likely be captured by an more photojournalistic photographer...not traditional.  (Make sure you know ... Full story

17 Easy Prop Ideas for Your Engagement Shoot

Props are a great addition to any engagement shoot for several reasons. They add visual interest, break up monotonous kissing and hugging shots, and, most ... Full story

Wedding Photos Fit for a Celebrity

Wedding Photos Fit For A Celebrity While celebrities are definitely among the most photogenic people in the word, there are ways you can narrow the gap ... Full story

Dos & Don'ts: Tips for Looking and Sounding Great on Camera on your wedding day

Want to look and sound great on camera? Here are some easy-to-follow inside tips straight from the pros.  Do Look At Each Other. Many videographers report ... Full story

Why Should We Take Engagement Photos?

There are many reasons it is important to take engagement photos once you have become engaged.  An engagement session with your photographer is without a ... Full story

Scrapbooking 101: Capturing Your Memories With Flair

You may think of scrapbooking as an archaic process befitting those from your grandparents' generation, however, it is more of an art form that is ... Full story

Tips on how to find the videographer that will suit your personality, your needs, and your style

The events of your wedding will flash by: your first kiss as husband and wife; laughter and tears of joy; family and friends toasting and ... Full story

3 Wedding Photography Myths

Friends and family. They're your best resources (next to us, of course) for ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, even the best of friends can sometimes pass ... Full story

What to Expect From Your Wedding Photographer

When the time comes to hire your wedding photographer, there are several things you should take into consideration before making a final choice. In this ... Full story

Selecting a Videographer

There are various types and qualities of wedding videos, along with a wide range of prices. Your personal preference and your budget will determine the ... Full story

Wedding Photography Basics

Choose Your Style Get your hands on as many wedding pictures as you possibly can. Look online, in bridal magazines or on mantles and desktops -- ... Full story

Ever wonder why one wedding photo is completely unforgettable?

Ever wonder why one wedding photo or video is completely unforgettable, while another just doesn't have the same impact? Often, the difference is in the ... Full story

Do It Yourself Wedding Photography

No, we're not suggesting you forego a professional photographer or videographer in lieu of an instamatic tucked into the folds of your ball gown. Still, ... Full story

Photography Budget: Who Pays?

Photography and video expenses are traditionally the responsibility of the bride's family. These days, of course, couples are just as apt to foot the bill ... Full story

Photography Glossary: Definitions A-E

35 mm: A type of film used in most cameras. 35 mm describes the size of the negative. Also refers to cameras that use 35 ... Full story

Photography Glossary: Definitions F-G

Fade: When an image gradually appears or disappears on videotape. Film: A strip of plastic material that has been coated with one or more light-sensitive layers ... Full story

Photography Glossary: Definitions O-Z

Online Photo Showcasing: Displaying proofs of an event over the Internet, which enables you and your guests to easily view, share, and purchase professionally captured ... Full story

What's a trash the dress shoot?

In a trash the dress shoot, the bride poses while getting her wedding gown dirty for the camera. Exactly how dirty depends on the bride. Some ... Full story

How should I hire a photographer for a destination wedding?

See if the hotel you’re thinking of choosing for the wedding offers a package deal. Many do! Expect to see things like photography, videography, food, ... Full story

Are table cameras a good idea?

Table cameras are an easy and inexpensive way to get pictures of your wedding from the guest’s point of view, assuming your three-year-old ring bearer ... Full story

What are some alternatives to traditional wedding albums?

There are lots of alternatives to your parents’ traditional wedding photo album, and many of them are digital. Instead of buying extra wedding albums to ... Full story

What should I wear for an engagement shoot?

It depends on what kind of engagement photo shoot you and your groom want. Some couples treat their engagement photo shoot like it’s for a magazine ... Full story

Can my engagement shoot have a theme?

Of course it can! Your engagement shoot should be a true reflection of you and your fiance since you likely won’t have the same amount ... Full story

What are some engagement shoot theme ideas?

Engagement photos have come a long way from the black-and-white portraits of brides- and grooms-to-be. Now couples have more fun with them and get pretty creative ... Full story

Can a Photographer Combine a Mix of Techniques?

If you're intrigued by all the methods and styles out there, find a photographer who's open-minded and ready for anything. Consider how far each photographer ... Full story

Are There Certain Photography Shots That Brides Often Overlook?

If you want more than just portraiture, ask your photographer to include these memorable shots. Engagement session Bride applying makeup Close-up of hair from the back Details of dress Bride ... Full story

How Can a Wedding Photographer Evoke a Natural Feeling?

Find someone who specializes in photojournalism and has a knack for making wedding pictures look natural. The right photographer can make even your staged portraits ... Full story

Which Shots Should Be Included for Classic Photography?

A classic bride's shot list should include the wedding party and family, along with the most poignant moments of the wedding. Engagement photo session Bride getting ready ... Full story

Are There Special Lighting Needs for Good Wedding Photos? Video?

Because natural lighting will change as the day progresses, there are sources of artificial lighting that a professional photographer uses to deal with the constant ... Full story

What Are the Best Ways to Share Wedding Pictures?

Before the advent of digital photography, couples used to have to wait for photographers to develop hard copies of wedding photos to share them with ... Full story

How Can You Tell if a Wedding Photographer Is Great or Not?

First, research each photographer's work on the web -- most professionals have websites that display their work. Then, make preliminary appointments to view their "books," ... Full story

What Should Be Included in Your Wedding Photography and Videography Contract?

There are many essential points to include in your photography and videography contracts. You should make sure that you have the contact info (name, address, ... Full story

How Can I Fit a Wedding Video Into My Budget?

You've invested lots of time into finding the right videographer for your wedding. Now the issue is deciding what moments you want to remember. A ... Full story

When Should We Take Wedding Pictures?

There are few hard and fast rules about when to take pictures at your wedding. Most people shy away from taking pictures before the ceremony, ... Full story

What Should I Ask When Interviewing Wedding Photographers?

The most important question you should ask is: "Are you the photographer who will be photographing my wedding?"When you hire a photographer, you're not buying ... Full story

The Romantic Bride - Photography

There's something soft, something soaring and something vaguely epic about your style. While you love the quiet resonance of a simple picnic on the beach, ... Full story

Who Are You? -- The Natural Bride

Outside. Among tall grasses and fragrant oaks. Under bright skies, in vivid blue twilight or against a fiery coastal sunset, your wedding is a celebration ... Full story

Who Are You? -- The Hip Bride

You dance to the beat of a different drum, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love that you experiment with new trends. ... Full story

Who Are You? -- The Fashion Plate Bride

You are a casebook in style. You've got the dress everyone will be wearing. Next year. From flowers to cakes, your finger is on the ... Full story

Who Are You? -- The Diva

You were born to be the center of attention. All eyes on you, cameras snapping, flashbulbs popping. We know you, and we know you live ... Full story

Who Are You? -- The Classic Bride

Like your gown, your cake and the flowers in your bouquet, you are most radiant in the arms of tradition. Your flawless sense of style ... Full story

Can Your Photography Style Reflect Your Personality?

Yes, finding the right photography style for your wedding depends on one thing -- who you are. And because photographs are intensely personal, they should ... Full story

What Are the Latest Trends in Wedding Photography?

If you’re a bride who likes to keep up with the latest and greatest, check out what’s hot in photography now. Digital Cameras: Perfect for couples ... Full story

Are There Basics You Should Cover When Interviewing Wedding Photographers? Videographers?

Your photographer and videographer are two of the most important vendors you'll hire. They'll be in charge of capturing your candid emotions and making your ... Full story

Are There Ways to Save Money on Wedding Photography?

Photography packages vary greatly, but you should be able to find a quality photographer who can provide you with a package within your budget. First, ... Full story