By Jamie Rivera Published 07/29/2017 12:47:00 | Views: 302
How to Pick a First Dance Song

Don’t stress over choosing your first dance song! With thousands of tunes to choose from, you’ll find a song that speaks to you and your almost-spouse – it’s just a matter of taking the time to look – and listen. Check out our top tips for selecting “your song.”

Think About Your History Take a look back – way back – to the most important moments in your relationship. The night you met, the first “I love you,” your proposal. Were there any songs that made those moments even more special? If there’s a song that you’ve been listening to or singing together for the duration of your relationship and feels appropriate for your wedding, go for it!

What’s Your Style? If there’s no song that immediately jumps out at you, think about your personality as a couple and the type of song you want. Something romantic and emotional or sweet and a little cheeky? Do you prefer country or rock or pop? Deciding on some general guidelines will help narrow down the thousands of choices out there.

Listen, Listen, Listen Pay more attention to the music you listen to, and be sure to visit our Songs Gallery to check out more first dance song options. Note any songs that you like, and listen to them with your fiancé(e). Ask him/her to do the same. Schedule some time each evening to listen to song options until you’ve found one you both agree on.

Consider the Lyrics While listening to potential first dance songs, pay close attention to the lyrics. Make sure there’s no inappropriate language or content that would make your Grandma Ethel blush. Some songs may sound super sappy and romantic at first listen, but the language may not be entirely wedding-appropriate.

Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow Practice dancing to the song – even if it’s just in your living room. A song should neither be too fast (hard to keep up!) nor too slow (too dull). Also consider the length of the song – a first dance song should be less than three minutes long. If your song runs too long, you can ask your band or DJ to cut it off at a certain point.

Talk to Your Band or DJ If you’re still having trouble finding a song that speaks to you, talk to your wedding band or DJ. They have lots of experience and will be able to suggest some tunes that will work with your style.

Come to an Agreement There are thousands and thousands of songs that will work well for a first dance – so don’t despair if you and your significant other don’t come to an agreement right away. This is a song that you’ll also remember and associate with your wedding, so it’s important that it’s a tune that you both can live with.

By Jamie Rivera 07/29/2017 12:47:00

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