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Wedding Invitations: Writing From the Heart 101

Let’s face it, we didn’t all get “A’s” in our English class, and we all were not able to stand in front of a class without our knees wobbling! But don’t worry, there’s some help out there!

A wedding often calls for a lot of writing and speaking skills - for toasts and speeches, thank you cards, and vows. Before you start panicking… I found it can be a great idea to contact someone with experience in writing memorable pieces and was very excited to hear from Melinda Lancaster at DKS Verse who writes poems for just the occasion! She has some great tips and examples for you... 

These invitation examples are so cute for showers and weddings!

Shhhh, it’s a secret

So please don’t tell-

On December 7, 2008

We’ll meet at the Bacari Grill

In Washington Township, NJ

We’ll eat and laugh and play

Tools for the handyman

Is the theme of the day.

It would be great if you could

RSVP by the first of December,

We hope to see you there-

Sure to be a day to remember.

Don’t Forget Dad! A Father of the Bride Poem…

You watched my first steps,

Your heart filling with pride,

And now you take these with me

As I become a bride.

Oh, what a journey

We have shared along the way

From those long ago baby years

To this, my wedding day.

And though I am marrying

The man of my dreams,

I'm still your little girl;

And so I'll always be.


These poems above, written by Melinda Lancaster, were printed on invitations created by Jolie Papeterie Boutique! Below is the poem for the bridal shower:

Custom Writing for Me?!

“Well, first custom poems are a great special touch to a wedding. They either incorporate specific events about the relationship or are metaphoric, but in such a way that those who know them will understand it and no two poems are ever even close to being the same; each one is specific only to that couple and so are a unique remembrance. They can be used in several ways during a wedding. Most are read prior to the official vows and can even play a part in the actual service."


Melinda Lancaster carefully creates custom decorations for the poems to match the occasion. These sparkling roses are so pretty!

Planning for Poems at Your Wedding

"If you are having a religious ceremony, it would be important to check with the priest/rabbi/minister etc. to make sure a wedding poem CAN be part of the service and HOW it could fit in, there are sometimes strict rules in certain ceremonies. When contracting for a wedding poem, a bride/couple should contact the poet at least 6 months in advance; this gives plenty of time for working around the bride's schedule and for editing/rewrites. This is only a guideline, I've done poems in less than a month if needed, but then custom matting can't be done." 

Where to Start, What to Write About!

"Custom poems, in general, take the information provided by the client and after considering certain specifics- do they want a "name poem" where their names are spelled out going down the poem, a metaphoric poem, funny, sentimental, rhyming or not etc., are written to those specifics. But that doesn't really explain what goes into it...

Ask open ended questions like: Where did you meet and how did you FEEL? What was it about your first date that made you want a second? What is your favorite little thing he/she does etc. and having the client respond as if they are writing a letter, not filling in the blanks. I get so much more emotion from them this way and it is so helpful, especially for a wedding poem, where that love and emotion needs to come through in the poem."


Melinda also says, "My favorite thing about writing wedding poems specifically is the joy I see and hear when a client reads their finished poem. It just makes my day to see/hear that smile."

Thanks Melinda, for sharing this amazing and unique service with us!

For more from Melinda, check out her website: DKS Verse

and Blog: DKS Verse Blog


By Jamie Rivera 02/08/2017 13:48:00

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