By Jamie Rivera Published 12/03/2015 12:08:00 | Views: 1007
Hair Care I Dos and I Don'ts

We've all had them -- hair catastrophes. A bad cut. A disastrous color. And our reactions are always the same. We cry. We panic. We commiserate with our girlfriends at midnight. We buy bad hair day hats until the whole mess grows out. But your beauty timeline clock is ticking and there is no room for impulsive moves. Check out our list of dos and don'ts to get your hair into shape without risking a wedding day follicle fiasco.


  • Decide on a hairstyle before you choose your veil or headpiece.
  • Play with a few styles before finalizing your look.
  • Visit your hairstylist at least six months before the wedding to set up a hair care regimen.
  • Touch up your existing hair color two weeks before the wedding.
  • Prepare a hair emergency kit for reception touch ups.
  • Think about whether your hairstyle will hold up at an outdoor wedding.
  • Match your hairstyle to your gown in degree of formality.
  • Consider extensions and hairpieces to add volume for special hairstyles.
  • Plan special hairstyles for the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.
  • Get a final trim two weeks before the wedding.
  • Wear a buttoned-down shirt to your wedding day hair session.
  • Talk to your hairstylist to set a shampooing and conditioning schedule for the days before the wedding.
  • Add a bit of glitter to your hair -- just be sure to try it out in advance.
  • Invest in a good haircut. You'll need less styling if you have a good foundation.
  • Decide if you will remove your veil after the ceremony. You'll need to adjust your hairstyle accordingly.
  • Have your hairdresser practice with your veil tiara.


  • Make hairstyle changes within three months of the wedding.
  • Dye your hair at home.
  • Change your hair color within two months of the wedding.
  • Let anyone talk you into the latest style unless you really love it.
  • Choose a style that's too structured -- it will be impossible to maintain.
  • Go overboard on tendrils. If the curls droop, you'll be left with messy hair.
  • Choose a large or overly ornate headpiece. You're the star; not your tiara.
  • Use unfamiliar hair products on the big day -- you could be allergic to them.
  • Wash your hair right before styling it -- it may be too slippery to handle.
  • Have your hair styled too early before the ceremony -- it's a long day.
  • Use accessories that are too heavy for an updo.
  • Overload your hair with product.
By Jamie Rivera 12/03/2015 12:08:00

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