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Who Pays for the Wedding Favors?

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Do-It-Yourself Favors

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Top Ten Favor-Box Or Bag-Decoration Ideas

1.Cover the box or bag with wedding-themed seals. 2. Tie picot-edged ribbon around the box or bag and finish the look with miniature bells. 3. Wrap boxes with cellophane, ... Full story

Top 10 Extravagant Favors

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Traditional Wedding Favors

Giving your guests a memento, or favor, on your wedding day has been a long-standing custom, from Elizabethan England to romantic Italy right through to ... Full story

Top Ten Ways To Display Your Favors

1.Set a favor at each place setting. 2. Arrange baskets of favors at the entrance to the reception hall. Place a card next to each basket ... Full story

Top 10 Inexpensive Favors

1. Homemade cookies wrapped in tulle.  2. Bunches of lollipops. 3. A single candle placed at each setting. 4. Sparklers tied with ribbon. 5. Swatches of tulle filled with mints. 6. A single delicious chocolate. 7. Bright red ... Full story

Wedding Favors: Glossary - Definitions A-Z

Boutonnière: A small flower or flower arrangement intended to be worn in a buttonhole Burlap: A light, somewhat coarse material often used in dressmaking and upholstery, ... Full story

Three Common Favor Myths Dispelled

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What are charity wedding favors?

Charity favors as wedding favors are donations that the bride and guests make to a charity in guests’ names. Couples do this as a way to ... Full story

Do you have to personalize your wedding favors?

Your wedding favors are meant to be mementos from your wedding, so it’s nice to make them personal. The easiest way to personalize your wedding favors ... Full story

What are some fall wedding favor ideas?

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What are some spring wedding favor ideas?

Spring is the season of bright colors and blooming flowers, so embrace it with your favors.Send your guests home with potted spring flowers and growing ... Full story

What are some winter wedding favor ideas?

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When should you give out wedding favors?

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What Types of Containers Work Well for Favors?

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Which Favors Are Considered Eco-Friendly?

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Are Favors Expected at Bachelorette Parties?

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Should Children Be Given Different Favors Than Adults?

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Where Do You Buy Wedding Favors?

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Are There any Alternatives to Favors?

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