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How to Entertain Children at Weddings

Like a long dinner at a fancy restaurant, weddings can seem very boring to children who come anxious to get out of their formal attire and away from all the adults! If you are inviting even just one young child to the wedding, make sure to keep them in mind.

A bored child may cry, scream, run around, or play with your $100 centerpieces! So let's see what we can do to keep this from happening.

Day Care

If you know there will be more than 4 children in the same age group, maybe setting up an area for them to play and socialize with each other is a good idea. Parents can come and visit this area, but also have some freedom. (Make sure that this area is in sight and always overseen by an adult.) Providing fun in this area is a plus, leading me on to the next topic...

Games and Toys

Keeping young minds occupied may seem like a challenge, but providing them with something as simple as a coloring book can make all the difference! Coloring books are fun, take up a lot of time, and the best part? They are quiet! Board games can be fun too, but may be a little more difficult to pick out games that don't have tons of pieces that can be a hazard or get thrown around the room.


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Favor Bag

A great way to show appreciation towards kids is a small favor bag made just for them! This bag can be filled with animal crackers, juice box, a plush toy, or a disposable camera. Why a disposable camera? Kids love feeling grown-up and having their very own camera is certainly a step up! It will keep them busy - not to mention, their might be some really great photos that come out of it!


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Kid Friendly Menu

Most children will not be as thrilled as your adult guests will be when receiving a delicious plate of filet mignot and asparagus. Try providing a second kid-friendly option like hamburgers, simple pasta, pizza, or chicken tenders.

Parental Control

While a day-care setup may be fun, most children will be less likely to act out when seated around their parents. A table full of adults can be boring for them, but may also help to keep them out of trouble. Another plus is that the child may feel more comfortable with his or her parents than with a group of children they have never seen before, especially if they have a shy personality.

When in Doubt, Ask!

If you are really stuck on whether certain children attending your wedding will feel more comfortable with parents or a group of children... ask the parents! Some questions for parents may be: Do you want your child at the table with you or with other children? Does he or she like coloring or playing with games? And what type of food does he or she like?



By Jamie Rivera 02/07/2017 13:29:00

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