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Weddings Around the World: Tibet

Despite the hardships of dealing with unwanted Chinese occupation, Tibetans have managed to keep their culture and senses of humor alive and well. Home to the mythical Shangri La, "The Rooftop of the World," allegedly located in the mountains of Tibet, Tibet is full of unique wedding customs and traditions. Find out how you can integrate them into your wedding festivities.

Pre-Wedding Traditions
After a period of courtship and permission to marry has been granted by each family, an elderly gentleman is asked to propose the marriage to the bride-to-be's parents. According to tradition, only the maternal uncle of the girl has the right to approve. On the wedding day, the groom's house or tent is redecorated. Bowls are painted with eight lucky emblems and a square carpet made of white wool is laid to welcome guests. The bride wears a white wool wedding gown and rides a white horse to the groom's house, escorted by her uncle and her groom's uncle. His uncle rides ahead to announce her arrival. A wedding toast is sung by two maidens from the groom's family, while the bride dismounts in front of the groom's house, stepping precisely in the middle of the white mat, on which an emblem is formed from grains of barley. The groom's family asks him to dismount and come in. A ceremonial scarf is exchanged and blessings are summoned.

The groom's uncle formally begins the wedding ceremony, during which the bride and groom kneel in front of the groom's uncle and a picture of Buddha while monks chant. The bride serves milk-tea to her future in-laws and flicks a fingertip of the tea above her head to salute heaven, earth, and Buddha.

Food, Drink & Toasts
The ceremony is followed by a joyful wedding feast, often interrupted with presentations of ceremonial scarves (which are tied on to the newlyweds' necks), blessings, and gifts -- so many so that sometimes the groom and bride are nearly buried beneath all the scarves! 

Tips and Ideas for Incorporating Traditions Into Your Modern-Day Wedding 
* Scarves play a large part in Tibetan weddings. Consider giving beautiful vintage or monogrammed scarves to your wedding party or to your guests as favors.

By Jamie Rivera 01/14/2018 16:15:00

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