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Oathing Stone

You've heard of Unity Candles, Sand Ceremonies and Wine ceremonies but many of you have not heard about an Oathing Stone ceremony.

The Oath Stone ceremony is a unique way to get all of your guests to participate in your wedding.

First a little back story, where does the Oath Stone come from?

The Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the Bride and Groom place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. Called the oathing stone it was thought to be the best way to express your solemn promise in physical form.

While you and your groom are reciting your vows, your groom is holding the oath stone in one hand, and your hand is on top of the stone, so now the both of you have your hands on the stone while you are reciting your vows.

Another way to do this is in the beginning of your ceremony, when everyone is searching for a seat, you can place a table in the front with a message about the oath stone. You can also have stones for your guests to take. While the ceremony is taking place your Officiant can say this before the vows are set

" When you arrived, you were given a stone to hold in your hand during the wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom chose these stones as symbols of your special relationship, love, good wishes and heartfelt blessings to them. The stones will serve as a lasting reminder of your presence at their wedding and of the special love that they shared on this their special day.

As you hold the blessing stone tightly in your hand, please reflect for a moment your wishes for this couple for love, happiness, prosperity, and unity as they exchange their wedding vows.

Following the ceremony, Bride and Groom invite you to place the stones with your personal blessing for them as a newly married couple into the special container on the table as you leave the ceremony area. "

When the ceremony ends you will have all your guests place their stones within a jar and you will be able to have a special memory from your wedding forever!

How cute is that!?


By Jamie Rivera 08/14/2017 17:13:00

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