By Jamie Rivera Published 07/29/2017 12:40:00 | Views: 146
Wedding Day Traditions and Myths

You’re probably stressed out enough about your wedding going according to plan. Add in all of the wedding day superstitions that some say will cause “bad luck” on your wedding day and you’re bound to lose it. Check out these wedding superstitions

Superstition #1: Seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck.
We say:
There is a certain magic about couples seeing each other for the first time as one walks down the aisle, but for many couples, waiting until the ceremony doesn’t work with their wedding-day timeline or style. A “first look” photo shoot pre-ceremony can be just as magical, and we promise, it’s not bad luck at all.

Superstition #2: Looking at yourself in the mirror when you’re fully dressed in your bridal attire is bad luck.
We say:
Um, hello? Clearly you want to look at yourself in all of your wedding-day gorgeousness before you head down the aisle – so this superstition is clearly outdated. But if the mirror breaks? Well, that’s another story (just kidding!).

Superstition #3: You must wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something  blue.
We say:
Sure, this is a fun tradition, but if finding the requisite items is causing you stress, you don’t have to do it. Check out these ideas for easy ways you can incorporate something old, new, borrowed and blue!

Superstition #4: The bride must be carried over the threshold when you arrive home for the first time after the wedding.  
We say:
Sure, it’s a cute tradition, but don’t freak out if you forget. You’ll probably be exhausted right after the wedding anyway!

Superstition #5: Getting married on a date that includes the number 13 is bad luck.
We say:
Ask anyone who got married in the year 2013 (or Taylor Swift) – the number 13 can totally be good luck, so flip this superstition on its head and get married any day you desire!

By Jamie Rivera 07/29/2017 12:40:00

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