Cool Groom Cakes

Traditionally, groom cakes were chocolate, fruity confections taken home by the guests after the wedding.  An unmarried girl would place the slice of cake beneath ... Full story

10 Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors Of All Time

1. Red Velvet - The perfect compromise if the bride likes vanilla, but the groom likes chocolate. Why? Because it's a good in-between option guests will ... Full story

Unusual Cupcake Flavors

Have you ever wondered what the most unusual cupcake flavors are? You won’t find these at your local bakery -- they’re just not vanilla (or ... Full story

Wedding Cake Traditions From Around the World

Most cultures around the world include a wedding cake as part of the festivities, but multi-tiered, fondant or buttercream frosting, excotic fillings, and elaborate decorations ... Full story

Mini Wedding Cakes Galore!

Can't decide on your cake style? Then mini cakes may be the perfect solution for you. Let's start with a true mini! We love this individual ... Full story

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Couples looking to get a little creative with their wedding menu will be pleased to know there are plenty of unique (and delicious!) desserts to ... Full story

Cake Baker's Secrets: Favorite Flavor Combinations

Have you ever wondered what cake baker's favorite flavor combinations are? Well, we asked, and they shared: Maggie Austin Cake - Washington, DC Vietnamese cinnamon and chocolate ... Full story

Quilted Wedding Cakes

These creative wedding cakes enlist traditional quilting techniques to impress guests. Fondant doubles as fabric, and piped icing stands in for stitches. The result? An ... Full story

26 Pastel Wedding Cakes and Desserts

These playful pastel cakes stole the show with their baby-soft hues, intricate designs, and amazing flavors. Although inspired by springtime, the colorful desserts would be a hit ... Full story

Choosing Your Cake Topper

So many cake toppers to choose from!! From the comical bride-straddling-groom toppers to the traditional side-by-side figurines, the options are pretty much endless for what ... Full story

Sugar Flowers in Full Bloom

I was very excited to receive an email full of these beautiful creations by Sweet Grace Cake Designs. Their specialty sugar flowers have such great detail, ... Full story

10 Creative Wedding Cakes

  Classic A classic white cake with romantic roses and candles.     Cupcakes A fun and festive option that pleases guests of all ages.     Raised Tiers Place each tier of your wedding ... Full story

Wedding Cupcakes

You can create an elegant mini-cake that takes on the stature of a cute or classic wedding cake by placing your cupcakes on graduated tiers ... Full story

18 Fruit Wedding Cake Ideas to Make for Your Celebration

Pyramides de Sorbet   To make your cake truly stand out in a crowd, infuse the flavor, design, or both with a little (or a lot of) ... Full story

21 Chocolate Wedding Cake Ideas to Make for Your Celebration

Who says wedding cake must be vanilla? With so many options ranging from dark to white, there are mounds of melt-in-your-mouth possibilities for serving chocolate ... Full story

Dreamy, Striped or Swirled: 6 Coconut Wedding Cakes

#1: Dreamy Coconut Wedding Cake Dreamy and delicate, these coconut-flavored wedding cakes are whimsical and beautiful with a flavor that is oh so recognizable. The seven-tier coconut ... Full story

7 Red Velvet Wedding cakes that will make you break tradition

#1: Ombre Red Velvet Cake   To break with tradition, Francina Stewart of One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, New York, created ombre layers of cake and then ... Full story

The 25 Best Wedding Cakes of 2015

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8 Cost-Cutting Cake Tricks

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Personalization for Cakes

It's your wedding. It's your cake. Looking for a unique way to add some panache to your ganache? Here are a few ways to have ... Full story

All About Cutting the Cake

It's one of the most important parts of your wedding reception. Do you have a plan for how it will go? You should! Here's one ... Full story

How to Make Candied Flowers

Candied flowers add an elegant, romantic and delicious touch to virtually every dessert. Glistening under a crystalline crust, the muted hues of sugared blooms are ... Full story

Sunrise, Joy, Bounty or White Wedding Cake: See Recipes

White Wedding Makes 1 square 3" x 10" layer and 2 square 3" x 8" layers Ingredients: 5 cups plus two ... Full story

3 primary types of wedding cake bakers

Your wedding cake is an important part of the wedding celebration. You will want it not only to look wonderful, but taste fabulous. There are ... Full story

8 Ways to Accessorize Your Wedding Cake

Get even more personal with your wedding cake -- try one of these eight accessory ideas for the perfect finishing touch! Cake Toppers: Some are elegant; ... Full story

Do-it-yourself Wedding Cake

Not many brides will bake their own wedding cake. With all the wedding planning tasks to accomplish, the thought of making the perfect fondant icing ... Full story

How to Hire a Cake Designer: Last-Minute Checklist

One month before the big day means countdown time for you. While that fantasy cake is still just a twinkle in your cake designer's kitchen, ... Full story

What to Do With Your Cake after the Reception

Your cake looks and tastes amazing -- at least that's what everyone says. You were too busy smashing a piece into your new husband's face ... Full story

7 Different Takes on Your Wedding Cake

Center Stage: Instead of one huge cake, many couples are opting for smaller cakes, still beautifully adorned, for each table. These centerpiece cakes are often ... Full story

How to Hire a Cake Designer: Closing the Deal

You've sampled every frothy confection from here to Timbuktu, you've reviewed portfolios, gathered references and even hit it off with a baker or two. Bottom ... Full story

How to Hire a Cake Designer: Must-Knows

1. Interview, sample and request quotes from at least two (but no more than three) cake designers. Too many sweet choices can leave even the ... Full story

How to Hire a Cake Designer: The Interview -- What to Bring With You

1. Your folder or binder filled with your favorite cake ideas. 2. Pictures or examples of special touches you'll want to include with your cake like ... Full story

5 Popular Wedding Cake Traditions

Cutting The Cake: Family, friends and photographers alike look forward to the moment the couple joins hands around the cake knife and cuts the first ... Full story

Cakes: Glossary A-B

Almond Paste: A sweet, pliable mixture of ground almonds, sugar and sometimes, unbeaten egg whites. It's often tinted with food coloring and molded into a ... Full story

Cakes: Glossary C

Cake Plate: The base used to support each layer of wedding cake, except the bottom one. Also called separator plates. Cake Stand: A decorative platter, elevated ... Full story

Cakes: Glossary D-F

Dacquoise: A circular dessert consisting of layers of meringue mixed with ground, toasted nuts and layers of whipped cream mixed with soft fruits. Decoration: Icing, pulled ... Full story

Wedding Cakes: Glossary G-M

Ganache: A rich chocolate icing made of semisweet chocolate and whipping cream that are heated and stirred together until the chocolate has melted.Gateau: A dessert ... Full story

Wedding Cakes: Glossary N-R

The sweetest part of planning your wedding is selecting your wedding cake, and we have everything you need to know about wedding cake decorations, shapes, ... Full story

Wedding Cakes: Glossary S-Z

The sweetest part of planning your wedding is selecting your wedding cake, and we have everything you need to know about wedding cake decorations, shapes, ... Full story

4 Classic Wedding Cake Myths - Busted!

You Can Never Be Too Sweet. The most pliable of icings (fondant, marzipan, gum paste) are made that way with tons and tons of sugar. ... Full story

Guide to Wedding Cake Essentials

Design The design refers to the way your cake is built. For an old-fashioned look, you may choose to stack your wedding cake, setting layer directly ... Full story

Wedding Cake Budget: Who Pays?

Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the wedding cake, though today, with many couples splitting wedding costs between families (or paying for the entire wedding ... Full story

What should I ask a cake baker during an interview?

Your wedding cake will be the centerpiece of your reception, so it's important to take your time when you're searching for the perfect baker and/or ... Full story

What is a cake-cutting fee?

When people say throwing a wedding can be expensive, they're not kidding. Did you know that many wedding venues charge an additional fee to cut ... Full story

Do we have to serve dessert in addition to the wedding cake?

Many couples choose to serve dessert in addition to wedding cake at their reception, but this is certainly not mandatory. You can do either or ... Full story