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Hiring a Proposal Planner

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What Are an Usher's Responsibilities?

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Should You Host the Rehearsal Dinner When Your Parents Can't?

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I don't want my groomsmen to wear tuxedos. What are the alternatives?

If you want to skip the tuxedo because it’s just a little too formal, try black suits. If you want to further dress down your groomsmen, ... Full story

What's a junior groomsman?

Junior attendants are a nice way to involve younger relatives who have grown past flower girl or ring bearer age. A junior groomsman is a ... Full story

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

There’s really no set amount to how much a groom-to-be should spend on an engagement ring. It really depends on how much he feels comfortable spending. ... Full story

What are some non-floral boutonniere ideas?

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What are the groom's parents responsible for?

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What's an Appropriate Gift for Your Bride?

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The Groom's Traditional Expenses

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The Bachelor Party

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Dressing the Groom

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Presenting The Engagement Ring

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On Your Own: How To Plan The Rehearsal Dinner

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Groom's Checklist

These personal checklists are for you and each of your wedding party members and family. Mail them out to the appropriate people along with your ... Full story

Groom's Attire For A Beach Wedding

I have to admit, my favorite beach wedding was more Coors and Clambake than Kennedy Classic. The fashions ranged widely: shorts and baseball caps, sundresses ... Full story

Daytime Or Evening Wedding? Dressing Etiquette For Guys

Invitations to special events and formal affairs will indicate what type of formal attire is expected. If the Invitation says "Black Tie"It is generally accepted that ... Full story

Buying The Engagement Ring She'll Love

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Asking Her Father

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African-American Wedding Style: The Groom's Look

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The Right Tux For Your Body Type

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The Tuxedo Expert

Men's formalwear expert Susan Schreiber has what many brides-to-be consider a very difficult job. She takes their men and makes them into respectable, even debonair ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Accessories

Ascot: A necktie with wide ends, worn around the neck and looped under the chin. Part of formal dress, it is usually made of a ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Buttons

1-Button: A single button closure at center front on a man’s suit jacket. 2-Button: A men’s suit or tuxedo style characterized by two-button closure. 3-Button: A men’s ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Jackets

Cutaway: A men’s long coat with skirts tapering from the front waistline to form tails at the back. For formal or very formal weddings. Dinner: A ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Lapels

Mandarin: A stand up collar on jackets, dresses and blouses. Adopted from the close-fitting Asian collar. May be called a Nehru jacket in menswear. Notch: A ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Shirts

Banded: A stand up collar that buttons at center front. Also known as a mandarin collar. Crossover: A dress shirt collar with a laydown collar that ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Slacks

Flat Front: A trouser without pleats at the waist that lays flat over the abdomen.   Low-Rise: A trouser with a waistline securing below the natural waistline. ... Full story

Tuxedo & Suit Glossary: Vests

Backless: Backless vests are adjustable at both the waist and the neck. The vest should be worn slightly below the waistline and should show below ... Full story

What About Me?

Dear Princess, Remember me? I'm your handsome prince. The guy that askedyou to share the rest of our lives? I just wanted to check in ... Full story

What To Expect From Your Groomsmen

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Who Pays For What? The Breakdown Of Traditional Wedding Expenses

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