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Is Your Man a Groomzilla?

Was he normal when you started planning and now suddenly has an opinion on everything from the napkins to the color of your bouquet? Take our quiz and find out if you've got a real life groomzilla on your hands!

1. My groom has been involved in the wedding planning...
A. What wedding planning? He just wants to know when he has to show up.
B. A little. We booked our vendors together, and he even came along with me to pick out our flowers. I know I can count on him to take care of suits for the groomsmen too.
C. A lot! We always clash on our ideas when it comes to the wedding; he seems to have the whole day completely figured out.

2. My fiance and I fight about wedding decisions...
A. Never. How can you argue when the other person doesn't have an opinion?
B. Sometimes. Wedding planning can be stressful, and I think we’re both a little more on edge than we would be like to admit.
C. Several times a week. We get along fine otherwise, but when it comes to the wedding, we're both just so opinionated!

3. When we registered...
A. I was by myself.
B. We looked around together. We both picked out our wish list items, but we mostly registered for things we both wanted.
C. I handed the scanning gun to him. He came in with a complete list of all the things we should get.

4. Imagine this -- it's the wedding day and your groom is a little late to the altar. Your first thought is...
A. "I knew I should have checked in on him!"
B. "I hope he's OK. Probably just stuck in traffic."
C. "He probably made a few calls to the venue this morning making sure everything was perfect."

5. For your wedding cake, he says he'd love to have a banana filling. The only problem is you hate bananas. He...
A. Says it's fine, the cake doesn't really matter anyway. There will be an open bar, right?
B. Looks a little disappointed, but you're able to compromise on a flavor you both like.
C. Insists that he get his own groom's cake -- it's his day too.

6. You and your future mother-in-law are having a disagreement over where the rehearsal dinner should be held. You go to your fiance for help and he...
A. Shakes his head and refuses to get involved. Does it really matter where you have it?
B. Says he'll try talking to his mom, there has to be a happy medium.
C. Immediately sides with his mom and questions why you aren't.

7. You need some help finishing up the seating arrangements for the reception. You ask for his opinion on where to seat a few people and he...
A. Shrugs. And asks what you'd like for dinner.
B. Shrugs. And says he really doesn't think it will be a big deal; everyone gets along pretty well.
C. Shrugs. And refuses to help since you didn't ask for his opinion in the first place.

8. When it came time to plan the honeymoon, you and your fiance...
A. Looked at a few places together before he left the final vote up to you. This may have been the one thing he enjoyed doing.
B. Had so much fun checking out all the romantic Caribbean beaches together. You both can't wait for the honeymoon.
C. Got into a fight. You really wanted to go to Europe, and he really wanted the Caribbean. Neither one of you was willing to budge.

9. When you go to pick out invitations, your groom...
A. Didn't go. You picked them out with your maid of honor.
B. Came along but admits he didn’t really care about the difference between eggshell and ecru papers.
C. Drove you up the wall -- he spent hours looking over the options.

10. You're most looking forward to...
A. When the wedding is over. Then you can both share the same hobbies again.
B. When the ceremony is over. You both planned a killer reception.
C. When the honeymoon is over. Hopefully then he'll stop being such a diva.

Mostly As: The Laid-Back Groom
Groomzilla? That's not even part of his vocabulary. He's the type of guy that if you said "ecru," he'd think you were sneezing. There's nothing wrong with a laid-back groom, but it also wouldn't hurt for him to help out once in a while. Planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people and chances are, once he gets involved, he'll find there's a lot more to it than just flowers and dresses. What's more, planning together can help you each discover more about your personal likes and dislikes. Tell your guy it would mean so much to you if he came along, just one time, and tried to keep an open mind. You might be surprised at what happens next.

Mostly Bs: The Involved Groom
Looks like you’ve got yourself a real catch. This is the type of guy who's happy to help out, but admits that he doesn't know much when it comes to planning a wedding. Encourage him throughout the process and admit that you'll both be learning together. Try to keep each other in check by leaving some tasks entirely to him (like picking his suit and the groomsmens' suits), while you do other ones together (like picking out the music). The balance means you'll be less stressed throughout the process and he'll keep from becoming the dreaded groomzilla.

Mostly Cs: Run for Your Life! It's Groonmzilla!
All right, you have the real deal on your hands. It is probably time you have a heart-to-heart with him before you get to the altar. Tell your beau you don’t appreciate how demanding he is when it comes to the wedding. Remind him of all the qualities you do like (and how you'd like to see more of them), and remind him that you're in this together. Take a few deep breaths and chances are it will all come together in the end.

By Jamie Rivera 12/09/2015 11:42:00

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