The Pros to Planning a Destination Wedding

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Best Spots for Weddings in Hawaii: The Big Island

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Best Spots for Weddings in Hawaii: Lanai

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Best Spots for Weddings in Hawaii: Maui

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Best Spots for Weddings in Hawaii: Oahu

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Sensational Latin Locations for Destination Weddings

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The Ultimate US Destination Wedding Guide for Brides

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Summer Wedding Destinations in the U.S.

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Fall Destination Wedding Ideas

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Theme Park Weddings

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How can I find travel deals for my guests?

Above searching for travel deals for your guests should be sending out those save-the-dates and letting them know about your destination wedding. The sooner they ... Full story

How do I get an international marriage license?

Do your research! Every country has a different set of rules and requirements for marriage, so your best bet is to call the country’s consulate ... Full story

What are common myths about destination weddings?

One of the biggest myths about destination weddings is that no one will come. It’s true, destination wedding guest lists are often shorter, but you can ... Full story

How should I mail décor and other items for my destination wedding?

Ship your wedding decor items ahead of time if possible. Make sure your hotel concierge or your wedding planner knows when everything will arrive and where ... Full story

What are popular international destination wedding locations?

Some of the most popular international locales for destination weddings are in the Caribbean. Jamaica, for example, has activities and amenities for you and your guests ... Full story

What are popular U.S. destination wedding locations?

Destination weddings  don’t have to mean long flights and big bucks. Lots of couples host their weddings right in the United States – picking locations ... Full story

What should I consider before planning a destination wedding?

Before you start planning your destination wedding, you should make sure this option works for the guests you’d like to attend. Some of your family ... Full story

When should I send save-the-dates for a destination wedding?

Proper etiquette for destination weddings is to send out your save-the-dates as soon as you’ve picked a location and set the date. Basically once you have set plans ... Full story

What should I look for in an all-inclusive wedding package?

When you’re looking at all-inclusive wedding packages for destination weddings, look for hotels that have wedding planners on staff and lots of rooms for your ... Full story

How do I negotiate travel arrangements for my vendors?

If you want to your vendors to travel with you to your destination wedding, be prepared to include them in your wedding budget. You’ll be ... Full story

Invited to a destination wedding? Here's what to do.

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Does the Couple Pay for the Guests' Travel Expenses?

The bride and groom are not expected to pay for the travel expenses of their guests. Accepting an invitation to a destination wedding means you, as ... Full story

How Far in Advance Should Invitations Be Sent for a Destination Wedding?

Proper etiquette dictates that you give guests plenty of advanced notice if you’re planning a destination wedding. This way, they can check their finances, adjust ... Full story

Does the Bridal Couple Coordinate Travel for Attendants and Guests?

Although not required, it is common courtesy to coordinate some type of travel plan for your guests and attendants. When it comes to lodging, find a ... Full story

Can Trustworthy Vendors be Found From a Distance?

The best way to find trustworthy vendors is to hire an on-site wedding coordinator who’s familiar with wedding vendors at your location. Most resorts offer ... Full story

Do You Need Insurance for a Destination Wedding?

Wedding insurance is always a good idea but is even more necessary for a destination wedding. The price of a wedding insurance policy for a ... Full story

Are There Advantages to a Destination Wedding? Disadvantages?

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How Do You Travel With a Wedding Dress?

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Best Spots for Weddings in Hawaii: Kauai

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