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Bridal shower games are a great way to get to know the players in the wedding party!

Bridal Shower Games:

Bridal showers can be a lot of fun. Friends and family members gather together to celebrate an upcoming wedding, oohing and aahing over household gadgets and wedding-planning details. More intimate and casual than the wedding itself, bridal showers often include games, great food and gossip sessions. Unfortunately, showers also provide opportunities for awkwardness, with some guests sitting on the sidelines knowing no one but the bride or unable to break into existing conversations. Plan for games and activities that will have guests getting to know one another; a few shared laughs may be all it takes to make everyone feel at ease.

Here are a few tried-and-true icebreakers sure to get guests talking at bridal showers:

Bridal Shower Game Icebreaker: Who Am I?

Before the shower, compile a list of romantic couples throughout history. Feel free to use both real and fictional couples, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Try to stick to famous couples the guests would be familiar with. (If the shower has an older demographic, don't use couples only familiar to a much younger crowd.) Write each name on a nametag. When a guest arrives at the shower, put a nametag on her back, not letting her see the name written on it. When every guest is tagged, have them mingle with one another, asking yes or no questions about their unknown identities: "Am I a woman?" "Am I fictional?" "Have I been married more than once?" Once someone figures out which half of a famous couple is stuck to her back, she must find the guest sporting the name of her famous partner. The first pair to team up wins a prize. For shower-planners who want to encourage a seating pattern that isn't based on previously formed relationships, have the newly formed partners sit together.

Bridal Shower Game Icebreaker: Clothespins

Hand out a clothespin to each guest as she arrives and have her pin it on her outfit. Establish a buzzword, often a wedding-related word or the groom's name. Instruct guests to not say that word for the duration of the shower. If Guest A catches Guest B saying the word, Guest B must hand over her clothespin to Guest B. At the end of the shower (or at a predetermined time), the guest with the most clothespins wins a prize.

Another variation of the clothespin game is to forbid guests from crossing their legs. Anytime someone is caught starting to cross her legs or ankles, that guest must give her clothespin to the person who caught her.

Bridal Shower Game Icebreaker: Two Truths and a Lie

The title of the game says it all: go around the room and have each guest share two truths and one lie about herself. The other guests have to guess which of the facts is actually a lie. Reward the successful liars with small prizes.

Bridal Shower Game Icebreaker: Gossip Girls

For bridal showers with an RSVP list, write a gossipy (but not offensive) question about each specific guest on individual index cards. Hand them out when guests arrive and let them know that in thirty minutes they'll be sharing the answers to these questions. The object is for the guests to mingle and pry into the personal lives of guests they may not know very well. For example, Guest A might receive a card that says, "Who was Guest B's first kiss?" At the time specified, everyone shares the gossip with the group. If a guest fails to acquire the answer, encourage a made-up answer, with the subject of the question given the opportunity to set the record straight if she so chooses.

This can be slightly modified with generic non-guest-specific questions if you don't know who's coming in advance.

Bridal Shower Game Icebreaker: Solving Problems

Hand each guest two slips of paper. On one slip, the guest will write down a potential problem or conflict in a marriage. On the other, she'll write the solution. For example, the problem might be "John snores" with the solution being "Make him sleep on the couch." Collect the slips in two separate bowls: one for problems, one for solutions. Have the bride randomly select a slip of paper from each bowl and read the problem followed by the proposed solution. The result will be certain hilarity.

By Jamie Rivera 09/04/2017 09:04:00

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