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Say “thank you” to everyone in your bridal party with the perfect spa treatment to help them escape!

You chose them to be part of your wedding day and now they’re jumping through hoops to help you out and keep you happy. Consider doing a little something for your bridal party to make them happy too. May we suggest treating them to a day at the spa? Planning a wedding can be chaotic, and a spa retreat will be good for their minds and bodies. Before you decide who gets what, check out this handy guide to picking treatments for your bridal party!

For Your Flower Girl

Little girls love feeling like grown-ups, so why not treat your flower girl to a working-woman fave: the “mani-pedi.” Painting her pretty fingernails and toenails a calm shade of pink or her favorite color will keep her grinning from ear to ear. Plus, since she probably won’t want to stay put for long, the 20 or so minutes it will take for her manicure and pedicure to dry shouldn’t leave her antsy.!

Tip: If you plan to let her pick the color, be sure to get it approved by Mom first. In fact, it will be a good idea to invite her along too so there will be someone around to keep your flower girl under control while the rest of the group is being treated.!

For Your Ring Bearer

This is one member of your bridal party you’ll want to leave off the list. It’s not that you shouldn’t include everyone, but in this case, it’s highly unlikely that there will be anything exciting about a spa visit for a young boy. If he goes, he’ll be impatient, annoyed, and most likely a mood-killer for everyone else involved.!

Tip: Chances are your ring bearer will feel left out if he hears about the outing after the fact, so pick something unique to treat him to (that he’ll really enjoy). Tell him in advance that you’ve got something extra-special in store for him instead!!

For Your Bridesmaids

If you’re looking to treat all your girls to the same experience, consider a group treatment. Many spas offer great packages for groups. We recommend picking one that provides cocktail service and a special relaxation room for downtime -- that way, the girls can catch up and unwind together before and after their treatments. Massages are always a no-fail option, but if you want to treat them to something out of the norm, consider slimming treatments, those that use chocolate, or some sort of exotic scrub.!

Tip: Before you book a risque or exotic treatment plan for the group, check with all the girls to make sure everyone’s comfortable with what you’re signing them up for. You’ll want to know if they have allergies to the products that will be used and if they’re okay with the type of procedure and the sex of the person who will be performing it.

For Your Groomsmen

More and more spa locations are catering to a man’s relaxation needs. Look for spas that offer a men’s lounge or special treatment menus for the guys. An intense back massage will certainly sit well with some of the guys, but choosing to gift them with shaves, haircuts, or scalp massages instead could be a more memorable treat.

Tip: The guys are far less likely to feel the need to head to the spa with the entire group, so if it’s too much work to get them all together, consider booking one-on-one appointments for each.

For Your Parents

If anyone feels the weight of the wedding planning process as much as you and your groom-to-be, it’s your parents. Whether they’re helping to pick up the tab or just tagging along for moral support when you meet vendors, they’re just as nervous and excited as you are. We recommend a mineral facial or chemical peel for Mom and a foot massage or bath for Dad.

Tip: Unless your parents are particularly fond of large groups, you owe it to them to send them to your spa of choice as a pair. It’s far more intimate.

By Jamie Rivera 12/07/2015 19:30:00

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