By Jamie Rivera Published 08/15/2017 14:46:00 | Views: 336
23 Completely Unexpected Looks For Bridesmaids

Don't worry—they're still super cute! 

1. Mod Stripes

striped bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Kate Osborne Photography

Chic stripes that really can be worn again—how awesome is this look for a modern winter wedding? 

2. High-Low Citrine

yellow citrine

Photo by Joie La La

These flowy yellow dresses were definitely a fashion risk . . . that completely paid off!  Love the way they look blowing in the breeze. 

3. Chambray Polka Dots

casual chambray bridesmaids

Photo by onelove photography

Casual chambray shirt dresses for a casual rustic wedding—this is laid-back wedding style at it's most fun. 

4. Vintage Delicacies 

vintage bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Long sheer dresses that almost look light nightgowns—we're envisioning these in a very Kate Moss-ian English Garden Wedding. 

5. Ralph Lauren Rustic

rustic country bridesmaids dresses

Photo by onelove photography

Suede fringe skirts, distressed leather boots, big belts, white shirts—this is heritage Americana at its most authentic, people. 

6. Pin-Up Glam

pin up bridesmaids

Photo by onelove photography

Betty Paige style get-ups, complete with seamed stockings and demure gloves. 

7. Preppy Ribbons

preppy bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Ruth Eileen

A spunky, sweet look for a cheerful southern wedding. 

8. Studded Sleeves (and Collars!) 

neutral bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Jemma Keech

Punky detailing + demure peter pan collar = a glam meets punk meets classic bridesmaid look we won't soon forget. 

9. Graphic Black and White 

black and white bridesmaids

Photo courtesy of Jen Rios Design

Stripes, prints, patterns, and solids—when considered in the same color palette, this seemingly random sampling suddenly seems perfectly styled. 

10. An Actual Random Sampling

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Ruth Eileen

We've seen mix and match bridesmaid dresses in the same color family before, but this group is genuinely all over the map. Why does it work so well? Because all of the hues are of similar vibrancy (and those gorgeous smiles don't hurt). 

11. White-Out

white bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Matt Edge Photography

Neutral bridesmaids dresses are gaining steam this year, but a bridal party in all white is still a break with tradition. We love that this group went even further by opting for sleek, architectural silhouettes. 

12. Floral Maxis

floral maxi bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Ryan Ray

Bold patten in a floor-length silhouette. Bravo, ladies—this is such a fun look for a more formal beach wedding.

13. Tropical Florals 

tropical floral bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Oli Sansom 

Only two things unify this vibrantly mismatched set of bridesmaid dresses: pretty blooms and even prettier smiles. 

14. Stripes! 

nautical striped bridesmaid dresses blue

Photo by Nine Photography

The perfect option for a causal nautical-themed wedding. 

15. Velvet 

velvet bridesmaid dresses

Photo Maria Mack Photography

Unexpected texture in a classic silhoette might just be our favorite way to score fashion points with a bridal party. This rich velvet look is perfect for a glam cold weather wedding. 

16. Saris! 

sari bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Nine Photography

Love this colorful nod to the bride's culture! 

17. Color-Blocking

colorblocked bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Katelyn James

Solid sections of sweet colors are a slighty more quirky alternative to the stripes listed above. 

18. Pale Pink + Jet Black 

pink and black bridesmaid dresses

Photo by This Modern Romance

This already-glam look amps up the Va-Va-Voom factor with short hemlines. 

19. Skirts! 

bridesmaid dresses wearing skirts

Photo by AK Studio Design

The pencil skirt and blouse combo satisfies the dress code for conservative weddings, casual weddings, and modern backyard weddings—doesn't get much more versatile than that! 

20. Citrine

citrine bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Maria Mack Photography

We've seen yellow bridesmaid dresses before, but never something quite this bright. When paired with Poppy red, it's the perfect non-conformist retro bridesmaid look. 

21. Blue Steel 

blue and silver bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

This icy-cool color combo would be an edgy and refreshing choice for a downtown summer wedding. 

22. Choose Your Own Adventure 

multi color bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Meg Perotti

From the looks of this photograph, we're guessing that each bridesmaid was instructed to wear the dress they felt they looked the sassiest in. 

23. Cocktail Time 

black and white bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Stephanie N. Baker Photography & Graphic Design

We're seriously digging the graphic party attire these girls donned for their friend's big day. Talk about dresses they'll actually wear again!

By Jamie Rivera 08/15/2017 14:46:00

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