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wedding puns

Have you heard any good wedding puns lately? I am absolutely in love with cute wedding puns at the moment - signs saying "love is sweet" at the candy bar, using birdcages and calling the bride and groom love birds, bubbles that say "floating on air, bursting with love"!

What are your favorite cute wedding puns? I have listed 100 popular wedding puns that will leave your guests in stitches

We’re Nuts About Each Other (personalized nuts favor)

Spread The Love

This is Reel Love

The Perfect Pear (pear scented soap)

Apple-y Ever After

Eat, Drink & Be Married (wine labels)

Write For Each Other

Mint To Be

Love Is Brewing

Tie The Knot

Hay We're Hitched

Deer To Me

Meant To Bee

We Make A Great Pear

Orange You Gonna Take A Seat?

You make me hap-pea

Thanks For "Bean" Here

I Cherry-ish You

Let The Sparks Fly

Apple-y married

  • Mint to Be (mint tins)
  • Engagemints (mint tins)
  • Thanks for Bee-in Here with Us (honey jars)
  • Meant to Bee (honey jars)
  • A Batch Made in Heaven (cookies)
  • Recipe for Love (cookie ingredients and recipe)
  • Apply Ever After (caramel apples)
  • You’re the Apple of My Eye (caramel apples)
  • I Cannoli Be Happy When I’m With You (cannolis)
  • I Love You Berry Much (chocolate covered strawberries)
  • I’m a Sucker For You (lollipops)
  • Love is Sweet (candy)
  • I’m Bananas About You (banana flavored candy)
  • You’re One in a Melon (melon flavored candy)
  • I’ll Never Lego of You (block candy)
  • Thanks for Coming! You Rock! (rock candy)
  • You Rock My World (rock candy)
  • I Pick You (flower gift box with candy)
  • Goodbye Kisses (personalized Hershey’s kisses)
  • I Chews You (bubble gum machine)
  • We’re Nuts About Each Other (personalized nuts favor)
  • Donut Ever Let Me Go (donuts)
  • S’more Love (s’more kits)
  • You Make Me Melt (ice cream)
  • I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You (ice cream)
  • Olive You Very Much (olive oil)
  • You Have a Pizza My Heart (pizza to-go)
  • I Love You With Every Pizza My Heart (pizza to-go)
  • Lime Yours (pieces of key lime pie)
  • You’re My Jam (jars of jam)
  •  You Make My Heart Pop (popcorn)
  • Thanks for Popping By (popcorn)
  • He popped the question (popcorn)
  • You Spice Up My Life (spice rub)
  • You’re My Butter Half (spreader)
  • Spread the Love (spreader)
  • You Complete Me (puzzle)
  • I Love You to Pieces (puzzle)
  • We Just Fit (puzzle)
  • I Choo Choose You (mini train model kit)
  •  The Perfect Pear (pear scented soap)
  • We Make a Great Pear (pear scented soap)
  • The Perfect Match (personalized matches)
  • You Set My Heart on Fire (personalized matches)
  • Match Made in Heaven (personalized matches)
  • You’re the Balm (lip balm)
  • I Love You Fore-ever (golf balls)
  • The Par-fect Couple (golf balls)
  • You Are Just My Type (letter magnets)
  • You Light Up My Life (candles)
  •  You’re the Light of My Life (votives)
  • Snow in Love (winter wedding)
  • Our Love is One of a Kind (winter wedding)
  • Falling in Love (fall wedding)
  • Our Love is Cosmic (starry night wedding)
  • Let Sparks Fly (sparklers)
  • A Fan of Love (fans)
  • I’m Smitten With You (mittens)
  • We Hit the Jackpot (dice or deck of cards)
  • Bet on Love(dice or deck of cards)
  • Eat, Drink & Be Married (wine labels)
  • The Perfect Blend (wine)
  • Drunk in Love (alcohol)
  • Hoppily Ever After (beer)
  • Love is Brewing (tea)
  • You’re My Cup of Tea (tea)
  • Tea for Two (tea)
  • You’re tea-riffic! (tea)
  • For eterni-tea (tea)
  • I Love You a Latte (coffee)
  • I’d Be Lost Without You (compass)
  • All Signs Point to You (compass)
  • I’ll Always Stick With You (stickers)
  • I’m Stuck on You (stickers)
  • The Key to Love (key bottle opener)
  • My Heart Soars When I’m With You (airplane bottle opener)
  • I Wheelie Love You (bicycle bottle opener)
  • Anchored in Love (nautical wedding)
  • Tie the Knot (nautical wedding)
  • Thanks for Sail’brating With Us (nautical wedding)
  • Pencil Us In (personalized pencils)
  • Our Love is So Write (personalized pencils)
  • The Write Couple (personalized pencils)
  • Owl Always Love You (woodland wedding)
  • I Love You Deerly (woodland wedding)
  • Wild About Each Other (safari wedding)
  • Prime-mates (monkeys/safari wedding)
  • Thanks a Ton (elephants/safari wedding)
  • No Bunny Compares (bunny)
  • You’re My Purson (cats)
  • Feline the Love (cats)
  • Love Bugs (ladybugs)
  • Whale-come to Our Wedding (whales)
  • Lucky in Love (horseshoe)
  • Our Love is Immeasurable (measuring tape)
  • Whisked Away (kitchen whisks)
  • We Mermaid for Each Other (mermaids/beach wedding)
  • Aloe You Very Much (mini aloe plant)
  • I’ll Never Desert You (mini cactus)
  • Love Grows (mini plant)
  • It was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in tiers.
  • To many girls the word 'marriage' has a nice ring to it.
By Jamie Rivera 11/12/2012 13:27:00

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