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Please sign our guestbook wording

View guestbook / wedding card wording here

If you are looking for something more than a simple "please sign our guestbook wording" for your guest then browse through the sameples below.

Sample 1


Welcome! We're so glad you came.

We'd love to have you sign your name,
And write perhaps, a line or two
by which we can remember you.

Then, when our wedding day has passed,
Our memories of this day will last
For when we look at it we'll see
Kind words from friends & family!


Sample 2


From each of your experiences,

Comes a very treasured gift.

A special piece of knowledge,

We didn't know exists.

Please share with us your wisdom,

About marriage, love, and life.

How to be a loving husband,

Or a perfect wife.

Please write your hopes and wishes,

To share with us for life.

For the greatest gift of all,

Is the gift of your advice.

What would you like the newlyweds to remember most about this day?


Sample 3


our Guest Book is oh so barren
without your words of Love and Wisdom
please take a moment to leave us

a Note or a Joke
some Advice
or Well Wishes
even your own John Hancock

simply pick your favorite Paris page
and please feel free to inscribe away


Sample 4


Sign our guestbook
We hope you will take a moment to inscribe your thoughts freely on these pages, filling the whitespace around the photos.
Please share your memories, leave advice, tell a joke or just sign your name to help us commemorate our wedding.


Funny Please Sign Our Guestbook Working


Sample 5


Please sign our guestbook below, we really need the validation.

Sample 6


Thank you for coming! Please sign our guestbook below, and don’t steal the silverware.


Sample 7


Awww, you came! Sign the book below so we’ll have proof!


Sample 8


Signing your name below will add you to our mailing list. To be removed from this list, you will have to leave the wedding.

Sample 9  


Please sign our guestbook below. By doing this, you agree to dance the electric slide and funky chicken. I’m sorry, this is not negotiable.


Sample 10  


Sign below. If you choose NOT to sign below, you will not be allowed in. Them’s the rules.


Sample 11


We love you, you love us - please sign the guestbook below so we can feel good about ourselves.


Sample 12


Sign below, eat some cake, and enjoy our wedding!


By Jamie Rivera 09/25/2012 12:23:00

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