By Jamie Rivera Published 01/23/2018 18:59:00 | Views: 225
True Love Waits in a Wedding Ceremony

The marriage ceremony between two people who have been faithful to their TLW commitment is the ultimate True Love Waits testimony. Here is a suggestion for how to incorporate True Love Waits into a wedding. You can adapt this model to fit your interest.

Several years ago __________________ and ________________ (unbeknownst to each other) took a True Love Waits pledge of abstinence until marriage. From that time until now they have remained pure while waiting for God's will for their lives.


To _______________________ and ____________________-we say that today is the culmination of many hopes and dreams that you have had for many years. We are very proud of you and the stance that you have taken!


When __________________ and ______________________ made the pledge, they started wearing purity rings that served as a reminder of their vow to live a life of both physical and spiritual purity. Because you have pledged to keep yourselves only for each other, today will serve as a springboard for a secure relationship that will carry you through many challenges and opportunities.


______________________ and ______________________ now stand before us as living examples that True Love Waits. In a world that seems to live for instant gratification, we have a couple who prioritized God's ways and now will enjoy the blessing within their marriage relationship.


May I also challenge both of you from this day forward to remain first of all pure in your walk with the Lord Jesus; and secondly, to remain pure in your love relationship with each other.


______________________ and ______________________ take your purity rings and present them to each other, symbolic to all present that you loved and respected each other enough to wait for God's best and each other.


Now, take them and put them in a secure place. Someday should God bless you with children of your own, take these rings and present them to your children while explaining their significance. You'll be passing along a legacy and a family heritage of purity to the next generation, spreading the message that True Love Waits.

By Jamie Rivera 01/23/2018 18:59:00

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