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The dresses and the flowers are just the beginning. Check out other ideas for adding a splash of color to your big day.

Every woman wants her wedding to be perfect – to have the wedding of her dreams. Color is one way that individuals make their weddings unique, beautiful and memorable. While there are some traditional ways to use color – such as in the cake, the bridesmaid dresses and the flowers – there are also more creative ways to add splashes of color to your wedding. Check out these 7 tips to brighten up your special day.

1. Get Seasonal

One great way to add striking colors to your wedding is to use seasonal fruits and flowers. By using this creative trick, you add festivity and warmth to your big day, and because the items are in season, they don’t cost a lot of extra money.

For a spring/summer wedding, create attractive centerpieces filled with golden pineapples, berries, tulips, dandelions or other fruits and flowers that you can get locally. Thanks to the rainbow of colors that nature provides in fruit and flowers, you’re more than likely to find some that will complement your wedding colors.

For an autumn/winter wedding, adorn your tables with pumpkins, apples, honeysuckle, carnations or poinsettias. You can even add pinecones, greenery, cinnamon sticks or berries to produce a gorgeous and colorful creation.

2. Ribbons

Another way to add small details that burst with color is to use ribbons. Choose ribbons of all sizes in your wedding colors, and then tie them around wineglass stems, napkins and candleholders, or have the bridesmaids wear them in their hair! This is a great way to add little touches of color and detail.

3. Jewelry

Most women wear some sort of jewelry at their wedding and they usually bedeck their bridesmaids in attractive jewelry as well. This can be an innovative way to add sparkling color to your wedding.

Amber adds a deep, romantic, golden glow. For pops of crimson at your wedding, wear elegant rubies. Bright and vivid sapphires can add beauty, and sparkling amethyst is great for purple-, pink- or lavender-themed weddings. There are many choices for jewelry, so get creative!

4. Twinkling Lights

If you will be having an evening wedding, you can use lights to add romantic color and charm. From colored glass lanterns for an outside wedding to small, glowing colored lights inside, there are many different choices.

To keep the effect subtle and to accent the main lighting source, place small containers with colored lights in the dimmer areas of the room. If you don’t want to go as far as using colored lights, having candles in your wedding colors is also a great idea.

5. Shake Up the Flowers

While most women have some type of flowers at their weddings, you can use new and creative ideas to make your flower arrangements unique – and to add color.

Replace your centerpieces and accent vases with ornamental clear glass bowls. Fill them with water and use food coloring to tint the water your theme color. Then, float a few flower blossoms in each one. To add a whimsical touch, light a few floating candles and place them in your centerpieces and accent bowls along with your flowers.

Have each bridesmaid carry a bouquet of different flowers in the same color. For instance, if one of your wedding colors is pink, your bridesmaids can carry roses, carnations, orchids, lilies or other flowers with pink variations.

6. The Wedding Cake

Again, using an innovative way to punch up tradition is always great! If you simply can’t decide on the colors for your wedding cake, a great option is to have more than one cake! Rather than one large cake, have your baker create several smaller ones. This gives you a lot of flexibility. You may want each table to have its own tiny cake, each cake in a different color.

If you still want the cakes to be color coordinated or to tie in with your central theme, choose base and accent colors that will do the trick. For instance, for a summer wedding, create ‘bouquet’ cakes. Each cake can have the same flowers with a different base color or vice versa. Use your imagination and have some fun with this idea!

7. Dressing in Color

If you’re torn between the traditional white wedding gown and a more colorful version, never fear! There are many ways to add color to your white wedding dress so that you can have the best of both worlds. The groom can enjoy splashes of color in his wedding apparel as well.

A bit of colored embroidery on your dress can give you the effect you want while still being subtle and beautiful. You can have delicate flowers or a filigree design embroidered on your dress. Supply your groom with a silk handkerchief or flower in the same color as the embroidery.

Pin tiny roses or flowers on your dress for a feminine addition of color and beauty. If your dress has lace or decorative holes, wear a brightly colored slip underneath so it will show through in those few areas. Let your imagination run wild! This is your day, and even if you don’t want to deviate too far from tradition, you can add color, uniqueness and beauty down to the last detail of your wedding.


By Jamie Rivera 09/04/2017 16:12:00

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