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Create a Wedding Dream Book

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but it’s also stressful and tiring. Every bride wants her wedding to come straight from her dreams and be completely perfect. As you begin planning your wedding, it can help if you create a dream book or inspiration guide for your wedding. Here is some information on how to create this dream book in order to help you through the planning.

What You Will Need


The only thing you will need to create a dream book or inspiration guide for your wedding is some sort of blank book – a journal, photo album or scrap book will work fine. This and your imagination is all you need to get started.


You can separate your dream book into different sections, from the wedding party to the music to the venues. This will help you keep the inspiration guide organized so you can find things quickly when you need them.


Gaining Inspiration


One of the best ways to gain inspiration for your wedding is to browse through bridal magazines and find things you absolutely love. Perhaps you have seen a centerpiece that was breathtaking or a gown you couldn’t live without. As you look through these bridal magazines and find these little pieces of inspiration, put them into your dream book.


You may also find inspiration online by searching through other brides’ wedding photos and ideas. If so, print out pictures or articles which inspire you and place those in your dream book as well!


Sections of the Book


Your dream book can include anything you want to put in it, but there are a few aspects that are really important that you may want to include. For instance, you can plan out your wedding budget in one section of your book. Many brides cut their budget up into different aspects of their wedding; so much for flowers, so much for the gown, etc. By doing this in your inspiration guide, you can stay on track when it comes to spending money for your wedding.


Another important aspect of the planning is your wedding colors. You may want to get some swatches of color and place those in your inspiration guide. This will give you the basis for planning the accessory and décor colors. As you find beautiful things you want to include in your wedding, paste those next to the color swatches. Throughout the planning, you can refer back to this section in your book to create the perfect décor for your wedding.


In another section of your wedding inspiration guide, plan your appearance. You may want to place pictures of wedding gowns or if you’ve already chosen one, you can paste a picture of that there. Then, find pictures or make sketches of the headpieces you are considering, the bouquet you think is breathtaking and any make-up colors you think will complement your appearance. You might also post pictures of hair styles that will complement your gown. This part of your wedding dream book will serve as a help and reminder as you plan your look for the big day!


Creating a dream book or inspiration guide for your wedding is very similar to writing in a journal – you just include pictures or visual aids and place your wishes, thoughts and dreams for your wedding in there. Not only will this be a big help as you go through the actual planning, but it will be interesting to see the changes you make and the things that stay the same. You can also keep this book as a precious memento throughout the years!

By Jamie Rivera 08/27/2017 17:43:00

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