Will Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet Clash With Wedding Dress?

Q. My wedding gown is diamond white, but I’ve always wanted to carry a wedding bouquet of white calla lilies, my favorite flowers, down the aisle. Will the wedding flowers look too yellow or dirty against my pure white wedding gown?

A. You shouldn’t worry about it too much. No flower is completely white, but calla lilies are at least close — they usually are a shade closer to green than yellow. If you’re worried they’ll stand out too much against the color of your gown, add a little something else in there to break things up and provide contrast. If you’re set on having only one type of flower, ask your florist to add some leaves or greenery around them. It will make your look less monochromatic, so the difference between your gown and flowers (which most likely isn’t going to be too great to begin with) will be even less noticeable.