Black diamond wedding rings for women. Show your personality

There is no better way to say ‘I do’ than with a diamond ring. A diamond ring takes the words straight to the women’s hearts. When it comes to diamonds, white or transparent diamonds were the favorites. But more recently, black diamond wedding rings have become THE choice, leaving behind all other colored stones.  They are famous for the mystery attached to the black colored diamonds. Theories associated with the formation of black diamond fuel the craze further, linking them to supernovas, and bringing a cosmic element to it.

Black diamond used to be cheap a decade ago. It was easily found and was not considered valuable. However, when jewelers started offering polished black diamonds in nice cuts, taking a big risk, customers responded favorably. Soon the trend caught every one’s attention and now black diamond wedding rings are sold for a fortune

So if you are planning to give your loved one a black diamond wedding ring, there are some things to look out for. This way you will be able to give a unique reminder of your love and will not get bankrupt in the process.

Know more about them:  Black diamonds are also naturally occurring crystallized carbon. Either the color black occurs due to dark inclusions, or due to changes in a white diamond in high temperatures or radiation. There are a number of sources to know more about them. A natural black diamond is rare and hence very expensive. Most black diamonds occur as irregular black masses. Therefore, most black diamonds in the market today are treated. This makes them look polished. Treatment is done to bring uniformity of black color.

What to look for. A nice cut, a smooth surface and a rich uniform color is what is expected from black diamond wedding rings. Even if treated, a black diamond is still a diamond. Know about the four Cs of diamonds. They are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. A black diamond should have a simple cut (16 facets). The surfaces should be smooth. Color should be rich and evenly distributed. Clarity refers to the presence of other colors, impurities and flaws. The clarity is rated as AAA, AA+, AA and A, with AAA being the best. Carat is the weight of a diamond. As the density of a black diamond is greater, a one carat black diamond appears smaller than a one carat white diamond.

Check for genuine black diamonds. The edges of a black diamond appear dark brown with a fiber optic light.

Look for a combination of diamonds. A solitaire black diamond says for a very strong personality. If your partner is more of a poetic and an easy going person, a combination of a black and white diamond would be a better and more beautiful idea. It would be a balance between conventional and modern.

Be ready for that HUGE bill.  Black diamond wedding rings do not come for cheap. One might be worth an island or two. Better go for terms that say untreated or GIA certified. The term fancy black is used for untreated black diamonds.