Roxanne Feldman and Brett Diamond: Find Him The One

Roxanne Feldman and Brett Diamond: Find Him The One Roxanne Feldman and Brett Diamond: Find Him The One
Roxanne Feldman and Brett Diamond: Find Him The One

Location: The Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building, Miami, FL; Cake: Ana Paz Cakes, Doral, FL; Desserts: Frida Gertzel; Caterer: Food Art Caterers, Hallandale Beach, FL; Event Planner and Design: Forever Events, Bal Harbour, FL; Floral Design: Petal Productions, Miami, FL; Lighting: Uplyte, Dania Beach, FL; Photography: Tony Gajate Photography, Miami, FL

It was a normal day at the office when Brett Diamond, a 33-year-old financial advisor at Smith Barney in Dallas, Texas, received a call from one of his clients. She proceeded to ask Brett how the dating scene was going and told him that she would “find him the one.” Later that very same day she called back to announce: “I found her!" Their conversation revealed that her name was Roxanne Feldman, she lived in Miami, and Brett's client found her on Facebook. "She’s friends with my nephew. I’ll try to get the scoop,” she continued. So, Brett decided to look her up and tell her that his client thought it would be a good idea for them to meet.

Unfortunately, Roxanne, or “Roxy” as those that know her refer to her, wasn't single at the time. Months had passed and then, one day, Roxy posted pictures to Facebook of a recent trip to Puerto Rico; Brett looked at them and wrote her asking her to keep her eyes open if she knew anyone special. Intrigued, Roxy asked what he was looking for and Brett rebutted with a very long list. That’s when Roxy decided to let him know that she was in fact single, which led to non-stop banter for the next three days until Brett decided: “we need to meet … how’s next weekend?” Roxy agreed and Brett booked a ticket.

An attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Roxy picked him up at the airport during her lunch break. Never one to be shy, she was so nervous to meet him that she even rehearsed getting out of the car. When Brett turned the corner, they both had butterflies and Brett even asked Roxy to feel his pulse. It was inexplicably, love at first sight. That night, Brett joined Roxy, and her entire family, for Shabbat dinner. The trip proved to be such a success that Brett extended his trip and stayed through Passover Seder to celebrate the holiday with Roxy. Three days after returning home to Dallas, Brett flew back to Miami to see Roxy and exactly one year from their first date they got married.

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