What Occurs During a Traditional Jewish Reception?

A Jewish wedding reception reflects the joyous occasion with traditional dancing, and there a few wonderful customs that are usually incorporated into the celebration.

The most popular dance is called the "hora". Guests hold hands and dance in a circle to festive music. Somtimes, the bride and groom are lifted onto chairs by guests. The respective parents of the bride and groom may also be lifted in chairs of honor.

If the bride is the last in her family to be married, a "krenzi" dance may be performed. The bride and her sisters honor their mother by crowning her with flowers and performing a dance. If either the bride or groom is the last child to be married, a "minzinke" dance is performed. The parents are seated as the guests circle them in celebration of marrying off all of their children.

By Zoe_peterson 12/14/2015 15:54:00

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