The Silent Party for your wedding: an idea to party till dawn!

Your wedding no longer have to end at the stroke of midnight.

If you want your wedding to continue way past midnight, the silent party is the latest offering from DJ's that will allow you to party until the break of dawn without tormenting your uninvited neighbors.

British DJ's have been offering the silent wedding party since 2000 and it's making its way into the United States. The general idea is that each wedding guest is giving a special light headset that connects to a wi-fi that is broadcasting different music genre.

It allows your guest to choose which music genre they want to dance to. So if your parent are into the '70s music, all they have to do is change the channel on their headset.

The Silent Wedding Party is a fun idea for your wedding.


Would you consider having a silent wedding party?


By Hannah Goodman 05/29/2016 16:53:00

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