Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman Published 12/27/2016 19:54:00 | Views: 663
Real Wedding Inspiration: Wax-Sealed Escort Cards

These great escort cards are from the wedding of our own Assistant Managing Editor, Ellie. With help from two fabulous bridesmaids, she was able to make them over the course of a single evening.

She started with tear-away place cards from Target. These are major cost-cutters, since you can print guests' names and tables in your signature font right onto the cards from your computer, skipping calligrapher fees. (If your guests' names and tables are already in a spreadsheet, you can use the mail merge feature to easily format them for printing onto labels.)

Ellie used a candle lighter to melt a stick of sealing wax, letting it drip onto the cards until the wax was a little smaller than the stamp diameter. After the wax set for a few seconds (the cooler it is, the thicker your seal will be), she stamped it with a hand stamper custom-designed by her husband at wax-works.com. You can also use faux wax in a hot glue gun, which is a little easier to work with but can get sticky or lumpy. If your stamp sticks in the wax, try chilling it before you stamp

Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 12/27/2016 19:54:00