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Your Wedding-Day Look:

You want a one-of-a-kind look, and we want you to love your wedding photos in 30 years. Both situations can be achieved with a dramatic look that is neither wild or dated. Unique synthetic lashes are one way to make an impact -- think lashes embellished with tiny crystals along the lash line for a dash of sparkle that won't be over obvious on film.

Dramatic eyes can also be had by using white eyeliner on your inner lids -- it helps cancel out red eye and makes them look bigger, too. If you really want to use bright makeup colors, go ahead, but stick to using a vivid shade on only one feature --violet on your eyes, or crimson on your lips, but not the two together. 

Speaking of color, we know your tresses may go through several incarnations a year, and you like to flaunt cutting-edge hues... but please (we’re begging you), take heed. Choose a style and color that is a slightly more formal version of your usual look in honor of the Big Day (and those wedding photos). 

Finally, swap your usual nose ring for a tiny diamond, and you'll be putting your best face forward come your wedding day.

By Zoe_peterson 12/03/2015 12:06:00

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