By Zoe_peterson Published 12/03/2015 12:02:00 | Views: 993
Who Are You? -- The Romantic Bride

Your Style:

Flowy, abundant, and ethereal, your style is romantic right down to the lovely lace blouses that define your everyday look. Puffed sleeves, empire-waist dresses, tulle, and chiffon are all staples in your wardrobe, plus soft, simple frocks that will see you through every romantic fantasy you can dream up. Your hair is often down, so your abundant curls or long straight hair can flow in the wind, and your locks are always, always soft and touchable.

Your Faves:

Since you love to travel to romantic places, you're partial to body tints and creams that smell of coconut oil or summer gardenias – anything that evokes the romance of where you've traveled. If you're blonde, you prefer a coral color wash; if brunette, you favor a bronzer fluffed on with a big soft brush. Either way, you love a lipstick with an overlay of pink gloss to set off your skin tone. You swoon over floral-scented skin and hair products, and lust for luxurious textures.

Your Wedding-Day Look:

For the most romantic day of your life, you want your look to match. Go for dewy skin, huge eyes, and a delicate pout. For your hair, consider a loose updo secured with a jewel-encrusted barrette (preferably an antique or heirloom of course), with soft falling tendrils gently framing your face. Or, should you decide to really romance your groom, go for long tousled curls for that super-feminine, “I –am –your –princess” look.  For fragrance, stick to the scents you love like a simple and soft vanilla with a touch of jasmine -- just like that candle you keep next to your bed for a warm amber-lit room.

By Zoe_peterson 12/03/2015 12:02:00