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Top 10 Questions to ask your Florist

Real or fake, flowers can be a large chunk of your wedding budget; so the Bridal Elements team wants to make sure you get the best flowers for your buck! Floral arrangements can set the mood of your wedding while tying in your theme and colors too. Finding the right flowers for your wedding– from the bridal bouquets to Dad’s boutonniere – will make each of your other wedding accessories stand out!

Here are a few questions to ask your florist, to make sure you share the same vision, before you sign that vendor contract:

  • How long have you been doing wedding arrangements? Just like your DJ or band and caterer, make sure your florist is experienced in creating wedding arrangements. This may also give you an early indication of the florist’s price point.
  • What style of wedding do you specialize in? You will want a florist whose style matches yours. When you picture your dream day, is the theme romantic or modern? Traditional or unique to you and your fiancé? Matching your style to that of your florist makes it easier to turn your vision into a reality.

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  • Can I see a portfolio or live samples of previous wedding arrangements? This will give you a clear picture of what the florist puts together for weddings. While these will reflect different bridal styles, you should be able to spot a trend in each of the pieces.
  • Are you familiar with my wedding ceremony and reception locations? Having a florist who previously worked in your space is a definite plus! This may also inspire the florist to create unique arrangements to compliment the particular architecture in your wedding ceremony or reception location.
  • Do you charge a flat fee or a per-item fee? What is the required deposit and when is the remaining balance due? If the florist charges a flat fee, be sure to ask what this includes – how many boutonnieres, wrist corsages, etc. Does it cover a bridal bouquet and tossing bouquet – or if you want to add it on, how much does each additional item cost? This will let you know if the florist is within your budget and if they rent items such as aisle runners and wedding candles that you may not need. * Some wedding packages include a lot of wedding day extras you may want to personalize by purchasing elsewhere or using family heirlooms.
  • Can you work with a tight budget? This will give you great insight into your florist’s creativity! If they excitedly show you in season flowers that will compliment your colors and theme – then you’ve found your florist! Don’t feel awkward about asking this question, the florist knows you have a budget- and whose budget isn’t tight these days?!

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  • How far in advance will the arrangements be made? If the arrangements are created too far in advance, they may wilt during your ceremony and reception. You want strong blooms that can stand up to the test of photo flashes and a long day.
  • When will the flowers be delivered and is there a delivery fee? You want to make sure the flowers will be delivered before the ceremony begins, so someone will be available to receive the arrangements.
  • How many other weddings are you doing that weekend and what is the maximum number of weddings you will commit to in one weekend? This question will give you insight into whether the florist will overbook and how much time he or she will probably spend on your arrangement.
  • When do you need a final table count? When creating centerpieces and other wedding table decorations, the florist will need to know the final number of tables in your wedding reception hall. This will give you a good idea how flexible the florist will be.

Answers to these questions will give you a good idea about the florist’s abilities, flexibility and price point. Most importantly, have fun – and dare we say – take time to smell the flowers!


Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 02/06/2017 13:37:00