Deeper Meanings Behind Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are not only beautiful and inspiring, but also full of rich meaning. Years ago flowers were known by their meanings, so we thought we'd bring some of these romantic and heartfelt meanings to you! After all, we don't want you to walk down the aisle with flowers that symbolize jealousy or anger...

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Azaleas are beautiful flowers that symbolize passion and good wishes.

Cherry Blossoms represent education and feminine beauty!

White Chrysanthemums symbolize wealth, cheerfulness, optimism, truth, hope and wonderful friendship. The Japanese even put a single chrysanthemum petal on the bottom of a wine glass to sustain a long and healthy life!

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Daffodils represent regard, chivalry, sunshine and respect. They also say, "you're the only one" and "the sun shines when I'm with you."

Dahlias signify dignity, elegance and forever thine.

Foxglove symbolizes stateliness and youth, strength, health and fertility.

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Honeysuckle is a bond of love and symbolizes a lover’s embrace in the flower's clinging growing habits. If the bloom is brought into the house, a wedding was said to follow within the year!

Orange Blossoms symbolize eternal love, marriage, purity and fruitfulness. Incorporating orange blossoms into weddings originated in ancient China where they represented innocence and purity. They also became popular in Victorian weddings, and to have real orange blossom flowers at a wedding, with their wonderful scent, was truly extravagant!

Lotus flowers have been associated with many things and are said to represent knowledge, prosperity, divine beauty and purity (depending on the color). The most common idea is that the flower represents the progress of the soul and renewed life because the stem of the Lotus grows up from its muddy roots to the surface of the water.

By Hannah Goodman 02/06/2017 12:50:00

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