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At today’s Bridal Events Bridal Show, we were asked a number of times, “I want to have peonies in my wedding, but they’re out of season.  Can you suggest any alternatives?”  Peonies are interesting because despite modern cultivation and transportation practices, they are still very seasonal. 

There is nothing that looks like a peony, but you can get close.  Certain varieties of garden roses can be a very close substitute for a peony.  You can contrast the flowers below with our pink peony and rose bouquet or our pink peony, Esperance and Sweet Escimo rose bouquet.  All photos are courtesy of our friends at Transflora, a wholesaler to retail florists only.  Contact your local florist for pricing information 

Many peonies have a soft floral fragrance.  Yves Piaget and Pink Piaget both have a beautiful rosy fragrance (Yves Piaget may be the most beautifully scented flower we’ve ever found).

Yves Piaget

Pink Piaget


Antique Romantica

Carla Romantica


By Eileen_Bess 12/24/2016 14:51:00