White Chocolate Pops, Succulents, and Rosé Wine

Happy V-Day, Tuesday morning! We wanted to explore a few of our favorite things that are easy to make and oh-so sweet.

This weekend, I had fun preparing Valentine's Day lollipops with creamy white chocolate and finely chopped walnuts.

The salt from the walnuts and the sweet from the white chocolate make a yummy combination, plus the are so easy to give to all your loved ones in lollipop form!

To make these, I went to Michael's, where they have lollipop sticks, candy molds, and melt-away chocolate in a ton of colors. If I were to make a hobby out of this, I would love to experiment with hard candy and richer chocolates! The melt-away chocolate is very very sweet, so if you prefer more fine, bitter chocolate, a run to the grocery store is a better option. Anyway, just melt the chocolate and pour in the molds, let it set in the cold... and that's it!

I think that if you added enough lollipops, these cute little succulents would make great centerpieces or table markers at your wedding or bridal shower!

Why Succulents? We think succulents are the perfect representation of love on Valentine's Day! Succulents are not only strong, and long-lasting, but they are described as being juicy and full of life. As an adjective, succulent means "interesting, enjoyable, and delectable".



The tags on the lollipops are simple, cute, and personal. Just cut a strip of paper, fold it, and cut a triangle at the open end to make a flag shape. Write a message and glue it on! I like simple :)

I also love this...


When I saw this bottle of Sofia on the shelf, it really caught my eye. The bottle is a beautiful round shape, with pretty pink vintage-style labeling. Usually I shy away from blush or rose wine, since it is very sweet, but this Sofia is really subtle... refreshing and slightly sweet! This rosé wine is bright pink and should be served slightly chilled.

Happy Valentine's Day!

By Hannah Goodman 02/14/2017 01:32:00

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