By Hannah_Goodman Published 12/09/2015 19:41:00 | Views: 1000
Favors Budget: Who Pays?

Wedding favors are considered part of the reception, and are traditionally paid for by the bride's family. But as we all know, these rules are never set in stone. Both sets of parents can split the wedding costs fifty-fifty, including the favors. Alternatively, the bride and groom can pool their own finance and split the cost of each detail.

Plan your favor budget along with the reception and bring it to the table with the rest of your budget discussions.

Remember, favors are optional, so if dollars are tight or if favors are not your priority, there is really no need to be extravagant with these tiny gifts. Remember, too, that your favor budget should be in line with the rest of your celebration. Decorated petit fours in hand-painted bone china boxes might be out of place at a clambake on a public beach, but just right for a country club wedding.


Match your favor packaging to your wedding venue. Rustic burlap and colored raffia will seem much more at home at a winery than delicate tulle and picot-edged ribbon.

By Hannah_Goodman 12/09/2015 19:41:00