By Hannah_Goodman Published 12/09/2015 19:24:00 | Views: 844
Want to treat your guests to something homemade? Find out to how to keep it simple and fun.

If you’re on a budget or just crafty in the kitchen, your options for unique wedding favors are really limitless with an armload of wedding supplies. Here are our top three suggestions for the perfect sweet ending.

  1. Flower Pot Sticks: Mini pops are all the rage, but how easy are they to make on your own? Keep it sweet and simple. Find a butter cookie recipe and then buy a flower-shaped cookie cutter and popsicle sticks. Cut out the cookies, add the sticks, and pop them in the oven. Once cooled, decorate them and set aside. Purchase some floral foam, clay flower pots, and moss. Cut the foam to fit the pots, glue it in, and cover with moss, then place your floral cookie sticks firmly into the floral foam. Once completed, decorate your reception tables with your tasty flower arrangements.
  1. Monogram Chocolate Ornaments: Incorporate your initials into your favors and reception decorations. Purchase letter chocolate molds, chocolate-making supplies, thin colored ribbon, decorative sprinkles, and sucker sticks. Melt your chocolate, pour it into the molds, pour on sprinkles, and put them in the fridge to set. Before they’re completely cool, stick the sucker sticks into the top of each letter. Once cool, gently ease the sticks out of the chocolate, creating a hole for your ribbon. String on the ribbon and finish decorating as you choose. (We love the idea of placing them in small ornamental trees at each dinner table or tacking them to boards around your dessert area.)
  1. Mini King Cakes (With Surprise Inside!): A New Orleans favorite during Mardi Gras, king cakes are a great option for a festive outdoor or Southern-style wedding. Stock up on cans of refrigerated biscuits, butter, sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese (for frosting), and colored sugar for decoration (we found a simple recipe at CookieMadness.net). You’ll also need to buy mini bundt pans and a small plastic Kewpie doll. Flatten the dough into one big sheet, spread on the other ingredients, add the doll, roll into a cylinder, and shape it into a circle. Then bake, and let cool before decorating. Cut it up and package a mini cake for each guest, and then announce at the end of your wedding that the cake with the baby earns a prize or privilege (as dictated by New Orleans custom). Pick something as simple as a “free” song selection or as extravagant as a gift certificate to a local store.
By Hannah_Goodman 12/09/2015 19:24:00