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The Oathing Stone

You've heard of Unity Candles, Sand Ceremonies and Wine ceremonies but many of you have not heard about an Oathing Stone ceremony. The Oath Stone ceremony ... Full story

10 Amazing Ceremony Shots

There's no doubt that the ceremony is the most romantic, intimate, and personal part of a wedding. These photos truly captured the all the beauty of a wedding ... Full story

Wedding Day Traditions and Myths

You’re probably stressed out enough about your wedding going according to plan. Add in all of the wedding day superstitions that some say will cause ... Full story

6 Pet Pointers For Your Wedding Day

Including your pet in your wedding party has become a popular trend these days. Who doesn’t “ooh” and “aah” at the sight of a furry ... Full story

5 Ways to Keep Your Guests Warm

Photo by Brett Arthur Photography Planning a cold-weather wedding? Consider these little touches to help keep your guests warm and cozy during your wedding celebration. 1. Blankets ... Full story

10 Sweet Ideas for Summer Weddings

A Short Wedding Dress Show off those legs! Bonnie stayed cool in a custom knee-length frock by Nina Dinh of Susan European Dressmaker for her Los Angeles ... Full story

10 Wedding Processional Tips

It’s the big moment – your walk down the aisle. Whether you love it or not, all eyes will be on you, so it’s important ... Full story

44 White Wedding Centerpieces

Just as there are many flowers that come in the classic color, so are there many ways to arrange them. Which is why the white ... Full story

13 Photos That Have Us Excited For Spring Weddings

It's officially March which means spring really is just around the corner. While you anxiously await for its arrival, check out these wedding photos that have ... Full story

Exploring Wedding Traditions: Jewish Weddings

Jewish wedding ceremonies and receptions are rich with culture and traditions that celebrate a couple’s new journey together. These traditions may differ between Orthodox and ... Full story

Bringing Hawaii to your Wedding

As the weather gets warmer, my thoughts continue to drift to Hawaii. The beautiful beaches, music, culture and flowers are the perfect backdrop for a spring/summer ... Full story

Tips About Fabulous Farm Weddings

We love the idea of booking a farm for a wedding venue! Not only can it be cost efficient, it supports local business, can have ... Full story

Military Wedding Traditions

Being in the military is a position full of honor and dedication and there are many ways to show loyalty and pride! The same goes ... Full story

Wedding Vows: When 'Until Death do us Part' Isn't Enough

Next to assembling the seating charts (and hand-making the wedding shower favors), my biggest challenge when I planned my wedding to James was writing my ... Full story

Exploring Wedding Traditions: Hispanic Wedding

Hispanic weddings bring together the dignity of Catholic mass with Latin traditions of music and celebration! While we know there are many different Hispanic wedding ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Holland/Netherlands

Known for everything from wooden clogs to legalized drugs and prostitution, Dutch wedding traditions are surprisingly sweet and fragrant. Get a whiff of a few ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Hispanic Traditions

From Spain to South America, Hispanic traditions are rich and ever-present. Read on to find out about some of the more popular ones and how ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Greece

Where ancient civilization meets modern discos, sizzling beaches and gobs of fun-loving tourists, the people of Greece manage to passionately hold on to their traditions. ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Great Britain

From country pubs and rolling hills to modern cities and five-star hotels, Great Britain truly does have something for everyone. Maybe that's why Madonna and ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Cyprus

The sun-soaked island of Cyprus has been at the crossroads of world events for centuries. Roman, Byzantine, Greek, and British influences have created a unique ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Croatia

Despite the devastation of war, Croatia is known as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. With its magnificent Adriatic coastline and medieval quaintness, ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: China

There's more to China than moo shoo pork and sweet and sour chicken. A country steeped in rich traditions, they are as ever-present in their ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Cambodia

Cambodia boasts a rich culture, a French-influenced capital, and striking natural scenery. Its empty beaches, powerful rivers, isolated forests, and ancient temples mark a resilient ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Belgium

There's more to Belgium than waffles. Beautiful countryside, quaint towns and hospitable people, Belgium is full of charming history and traditions. With a low-key approach ... Full story

Weddings Around the World: Austria

Known for its music and high culture, Austria is famous for its remarkable countryside and appreciation of the arts. Clean cities with pedestrian zones, outdoor ... Full story

Era theme wedding

1920sThink flappers, silent movies and the jazz age if you'd like your wedding day to have a roaring twenties feel. Dress your bridesmaids in straight ... Full story

Times of Year Wedding themes

Autumn / Fall Autumn themed weddings are opportunities to bring splashes of brilliant color into the mix. Look to deep oranges, rich browns and bold reds ... Full story

Train themed wedding

Q. My fiancé and I first met online when we were silly high school students, but when we met on train in person five years ... Full story

Places themed wedding

Beach Party The simplest way to bring a beach party theme to your wedding is to host the affair at the beach! But you can ... Full story

Whimsical wedding themes

Cannes If you'd like to host a wedding that will keep your guests talking long after the festivities have ended, a Cannes themed wedding may be ... Full story

Who Walks the Bride Down the Aisle?

The bride can select whomever she wishes to walk her down the aisle. Traditionally, it is the bride’s father who does the honors, but it ... Full story

Who Can Marry You at a Nonreligious Ceremony?

The rules and regulations of who can marry a couple vary from place to place. Typically, mayors and judges are sanctioned to marry. In some ... Full story

Who "Gives the Bride Away" in Holy Matrimony?

Many brides (and grooms) today object to the "giving" of the bride, as, to some, it symbolizes unpleasant aspects of patriarchal tradition. Presuming your house ... Full story

Which Wedding Ceremony Accessories Are Considered Must-Haves?

Depending on the style of your wedding ceremony, your list of necessary wedding accessories may vary. Therefore, while there's no definitive list, there are some ... Full story

What Vows Are Used in a Episcopalian Ceremony? Protestant?

Episcopalian and Protestant have a variety of wedding ceremony vows; it all depends on a specific denomination. Here are some examples of traditional vows: Episcopalian "In ... Full story

What Vows Are Appropriate for a Classic Wedding?

The classic “to have and to hold” vows have stood the test of time. The wedding officiant says a certain number of sentences, each of ... Full story

What Is the Structure of a Traditional Jewish Ceremony?

Generally, Jewish wedding ceremonies proceed in the order presented below, though some details vary depending on personal tradition and level of Jewish observance. Kabbalat PanimThe bride ... Full story

What Is the Structure of a Traditional Christian Ceremony?

The key elements utilized in most Western Christian wedding ceremonies, in their most common order, are: Introduction, Opening, or InvocationAfter the bride is escorted down the ... Full story

What Is Included in a Unity Candle Ceremony?

The lighting of the unity candle symbolizes the bride and groom joining as one. This rite commonly has the following structure: Prior to the wedding ceremony, ... Full story

What if the Flower Girl Refuses to Walk Down the Aisle?

Flower girls can be fickle, especially if they are toddlers. Even a girl who seems outgoing and ready at the rehearsal can feel nervous on ... Full story

What Are the Standard Vows Exchanged During a Ceremony?

Here are some examples of standard ceremony phrasing of vows. There are several variations. "_______, I take you to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife. Before these ... Full story

What Are the Options for Wedding Transportation?

From romantic to outrageous, there are all kinds of rides to choose from when it comes to getting to the church on time. Limo This traditional ... Full story

What Are the Must-Knows for a Military Wedding?

From attire to sabers, there are numerous traditions involved in a military wedding. AttireIf the groom is a member of the military, he must wear his ... Full story

What Are the Elements of a Formal Wedding Ceremony?

A formal wedding ceremony should have a timeless vibe with elegant elements. Here are a few of our favorite ideas: Invitations should exude class -- try ... Full story

What Are the Basics of a Civil Wedding Ceremony?

Known as the fastest, easiest way to get married, the beauty of a civil wedding ceremony is its flexibility. The ceremony details will be determined ... Full story

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