Tips About Fabulous Farm Weddings

We love the idea of booking a farm for a wedding venue! Not only can it be cost efficient, it supports local business, can have great scenery, a rustic quality, and possible attractions like fields of flowers, crops, or animals! What else do you need to know about this type of wedding venue? Read on...

Finding the Farms (The Hard Part)

Just like any other venue, some research is required. If you are unsure of where there are farms around you, a few ways to get started is to talk to people working at your city or town's main office (or search their website). A few online resources for local farms across the US are:,,

Once you have found a few farms to keep in mind, contact them and make appointments to meet with the owners. Remember to be considerate of their time when scheduling meetings and events.

When on your appointment, tour the facility and have questions prepared to ask. If the farm has already hosted weddings, they may have a wedding package set up for you to look at. If not, prepare to ask questions. Do they include food, services, entertainment, tables and chairs, or flowers? Can they hold both the ceremony, rehearsal, and reception? Also ask if you need to take any special precautions depending on the location - for example, a liquor licence, insurance, special permissions, or a rainy day back up plan.

Photos by Jonathon Day

Photo by David Clow - Maryland

The Attractions (The Fun Part) 

If the farm happens to have a form of entertainment like animals, a winery, fruit, veggies, or flowers, make sure to ask the owners how you and your party can be involved with these attractions. Pony rides and petting zoos are fun for kids and wine tasting is great for adults - make sure beforehand that the owners will let you and your guests reap the benefits of the farm.

Photo by Nostromoo

In addition, the farm itself might be a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding and wedding photos. Let the photographer know if you want to feature any photographs with animals, locations, etc. so that they can fit that into their schedule and plan ahead!

*If horses are on location, a romantic horse and carriage ride can be the perfect "just married" transportation! (You may have to hire one separately).

Photo by Mackinac Cowgirl

More For The Big Day

For the actual day, make sure guests have a way of getting to your planned location. Like any wedding location, this can be as simple as providing directions or a map. If it's very hard to get to, maybe there is transportation provided for guests who need it.

While having fun, make sure you and your guests are considerate to any rules of the farm. It would be best to keep the location as clean as possible and, of course, go without destruction of property (which includes crops).

Most importantly, each place has it's own unique charm, so enjoy the location and all it has to offer!


By Hannah Goodman 02/06/2017 13:44:00

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