Train themed wedding

Q. My fiancé and I first met online when we were silly high school students, but when we met on train in person five years later, it was truly love at first sight. We found an old, beautiful, elegantly restored train station, and since we both claim to have fallen in love on a train, we think holding our wedding there would be very romantic. Do you have suggestions on how we can continue to weave the train theme throughout the day without it being overwhelming?

A. The use of a restored train station is inventive and fabulous! The setting itself is so powerful, I agree that there would be no need to overdo it with additional train-themed paraphernalia, though something on the subtle side would be perfect. Vintage suitcases used as décor would be low key and elegant. Stacked cases topped off with framed black -and-white photos of you and your groom throughout your courtship, as well as of your respective parents over the years, would be elegant as well as touching. You could also line a few cases with rich satin or velvet and leave them open to display flower arrangements and favors. Seating cards that resemble train admittance tickets would be a nice touch too.

You may also want to turn to classic films for inspiration (think romantic scenes with lovers professing their eternal love as the train pulls away). You could place black-and-white film stills of favorite scenes (available at movie memorabilia shops) on tables as part of your centerpieces, or even project clips onto a white sheet or wall throughout the reception. By adding handsome touches with a light hand and an eye towards romance, you can extend the thread of your romantic train theme without

By Hannah Goodman 12/10/2015 20:16:00

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