So many cake toppers to choose from!! From the comical bride-straddling-groom toppers to the traditional side-by-side figurines, the options are pretty much endless for what you can put atop an already extravagant cake. So how do you decide what, if any, wedding topper you should chose for your cake?

Not everyone has a cake topper, but I think they make great mementos. Plus, after all that cake is gone, it's going to be the only thing left! For those of you who want one … custom wedding toppers or a topper that epitomizes the bride and groom are also fun to hunt for, and they will add a personal touch to the cake!

So many styles, which one are you going for?!

Custom or Personalized

Many places offer the opportunity to buy wedding accessories with a touch of personal choice. This is a wonderful option for those who would love to include something a little more personal without the "arts and crafts" mess. The outcome is beautiful and memorable!



Funny or Quirky

Comical wedding toppers have become increasingly popular. Noteworthy toppers of the comical type include; the bride and groom hanging off the cake holding champagne bottles, the groom slapping the bride on the behind and the bride pulling the groom by his tie.




Depending on your interest in creating things... there are so many options! You and your groom can paint figurines, carve your initials into wood, use found objects like toys or picture frames... the list goes on! The monkey and robot cake toppers are so cute...





These toppers are the most recognizable - Smiling bride and groom figurines, standing beside each other, wearing a tux and gown. The cool thing about traditional toppers is they have become more versatile in recent years. Modified versions of traditional toppers have even been created for different ethnicities, hair color, etc.


Non-Figurine or Decorative

There are many other types of wedding cake toppers available that are not in the form of figurines. Monograms are a classy way to decorate the top of the cake. And if you have a themed wedding, you might want to consider using a topper that plays into the theme. Using seashells for a beach themed wedding is one example. For a seasonal wedding, you could incorporate something representing that time of year (ex: flowers, birds, leaves, pumpkins, snowflakes).


I love them all, so hard to choose one! The best way to go about decision making, is to just go with what you like - it's your time to shine and be yourself! And, of course, eat some cake :)



By Hannah Goodman 02/08/2017 13:55:00

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