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Dreamy, Striped or Swirled: 6 Coconut Wedding Cakes

#1: Dreamy Coconut Wedding Cake

Dreamy Coconut Wedding Cake

Dreamy and delicate, these coconut-flavored wedding cakes are whimsical and beautiful with a flavor that is oh so recognizable.

The seven-tier coconut cake, frosted with buttercream, candied coconut, and two different types of coconut flakes, will take your guests' breath away. The cake's height and the base's champagne-colored satin ribbon give it a stately appearance, while the scattered coconut provides a lighter feel, combining both formal and casual elements. With fewer tiers, the same cake would be appropriate for a less formal affair.

#2: Striped Coconut Wedding Cake

Striped Coconut Wedding Cake

Here, the notion of icing is put on ice. Instead, unadorned pastel layers are relied upon for graphic appeal. Coconut pound cake, tinted with gel-paste food coloring, serves as the foundation, while white fondant and passion-fruit curd rests on top (the curd is also between each layer).

#3: Meyer Lemon Wedding Cake with Coconut Swiss-Meringue Buttercream

Meyer Lemon Wedding Cake with Coconut Swiss-Meringue Buttercream

This confection is composed of layers of Meyer lemon-flavored cake, lemon curd, and coconut Swiss-meringue buttercream. Curls of fresh coconut and candied lemon peel form the ruffled flounces on the tiers.

#4: Coconut Swirl Wedding Cake

Coconut Swirl Wedding Cake

No special talent is needed to create this luscious-looking confection -- just swirls of fluffy seven-minute icing applied to a snow-white cake. Freshly shaved coconut falls where it may, while tiny fresh mums adorn the cake and sweet peas and ranunculus dress the table.

#5: Tropical Wedding Cake with Coconut and Fruit

Tropical Wedding Cake with Coconut and Fruit

A creation that is tropical through and through. The yellow-cake layers are brushed with rum syrup and filled with passion-fruit curd and rum-and-vanilla-bean buttercream. The top of each tier is spread with more passion-fruit curd. Hibiscus flowers, lychees, coconut, mini pineapple and bananas, and tamarillo crown the cake. Pressing a straw mat into the ivory fondant produces the textured appearance. Serve with a slice of fruit such as star fruit, and coconut sorbet.

#6: Tropical Coconut Pavlova

Tropical Coconut Pavlova

This layered pavlova is filled with soft whipped cream and fresh coconut. One end of each supporting dowel can be sharpened in a pencil sharpener so that it will pass through the meringue layers more easily.

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