Red Velvet Wedding Cakes

#1: Ombre Red Velvet Cake

Ombre Red Velvet Cake


To break with tradition, Francina Stewart of One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn, New York, created ombre layers of cake and then covered them with beads of cream cheese buttercream. The end result is charmingly retro, with a homemade quality that makes you want to sneak a swipe of frosting.

#2: Red Velvet Magnolia Cake

Red Velvet Magnolia Cake

Hidden beneath the swooping white frosting of this tiered dessert are stunning scarlet layers infused with buttermilk and cocoa. For added flavor, we've substituted a tangy cream-cheese frosting for the standard flour-based icing, spreading it between each layer and outside, and adorning it with gum-paste magnolias.

#3: Ikat and French Silk Ribbon Cake

Ikat and French Silk Ribbon Cake

Inside of this ikat and French silk ribbon cake, alternating layers of red velvet cake and white buttercream echo the ribbon's stripes (we stacked two of these five-layer tiers).

#4: Red Velvet Fig Cake

Red Velvet Fig Cake

Fresh figs pop against a sheet of snowy fondant on this red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and also complemented the natural vibe of this outdoor reception.

#5: Floral Accents

Floral Accents

At this wedding, a pair of smaller cakes, this one red velvet, were accented with flowers to create an ethereal display.

#6: Coconut Red Velvet Cake

Coconut Red Velvet Cake

Guests at this New York City wedding were served a coconut-flecked red velvet cake with sweet buttercream frosting that matched the wedding's principal hues: red and white.

#7: Whimsical Wedding Cake

Whimsical Wedding Cake

The skilled bakers at Doughboys Los Angeles provided a whimsical take on classic red velvet cake.


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