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15 Wedding Emergency Kit Must-Haves

From dress stains or rips to headaches to paper cuts, there are a variety of minor mishaps that can occur on your wedding day. But ... Full story

9 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

We've all been there. You're at an event, wedding or otherwise, and are just plain uncomfortable. Too hot (or cold), strange food, long line for ... Full story

10 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied (and Well-Behaved!) During Your Wedding

Turns out your smallest guests may be the most difficult to please. If you are hosting little ones at your wedding, check out these ideas ... Full story

8 Must-Haves For Your Hot Weather Wedding

Exchanging vows in the hot, hot heat of summer can turn your wedding day into a sweaty mess! Here's eight reliable ways to keep you ... Full story

Wedding Chair Styles: A Guide

When selecting your wedding chairs, it's important to consider the setting, theme and style of your ceremony and reception. Here's a breakdown of some of ... Full story

These are some of the worst times of the year to plan your nuptials

As you stare at a blank calendar with an array of choices for picking a wedding date in front of you, settling on an accommodating ... Full story

What Your Wedding Colors Say About You

The colors you choose for your big day reflect your personality and style. You can create a sophisticated environment or a whimsical escape. Colors can ... Full story

11 Wedding Extras That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Let's face it, we all get a feeling of nostalgia when we think back to our younger, more carefree days. From games to fun decor, ... Full story

5 Backyard Wedding Planning Tips

Getting married in your own backyard has so many benefits – no venue costs, you can pick whichever date you want, and it’s totally personal ... Full story

Maid of Honor Duties Checklist

With the excitement and privilege of being Maid of Honor comes plenty of responsibility. Not sure where to start? We have you covered! With this ... Full story

Oh No! It's Going to Rain

You chose the perfect date for your big day months ago - now the forecast is calling for rain.  Is your marriage doomed if you ... Full story

Wedding Under $4,000!

The facts: 1)      We have $4,000 to spend on our August wedding. 2)      We have 245 guests invited, including kids. 3)      We want an AWESOME wedding! The plans: To stay ... Full story

Whole Foods Wedding Cake

Whole Foods offers a variety of cake options for your special day and they can also customize the cakes to your needs. All cakes are made ... Full story

Are wedding sparklers illegal in my state?

Wedding sparklers are one of the hottest summer outdoor wedding trends and becoming increasingly popular with brides who want to make sure they have the ... Full story

20 who knows the bride best questions

We've compiled a list of the best "how well do you know the bride" questions because we all know bridal showers or bachelorette parties can ... Full story

5 Quick Food Tips To Think About

1. Serving Soup is a Sensitive Subject Soup, while it's delicious, comforting, and sometimes even nostalgic, can be a difficult dish to serve at the reception. ... Full story

The True Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

Let me preface this with the fact that true costs will change by wedding, bride and location, but here's some typical costs. I've been ... Full story

How-To: Spice Rub Favor, Part 2

On Monday, Elizabeth Woodson of Elizabeth W. Gift Baskets and Shindig 411 showed you how to make these yummy spice rubs. Today, she has two ... Full story

48 different ways you can add personal touch to your wedding

Flower sculptures of pets, tropical juice bars, softball games, henna tattoo artists--our panel of celebrity-wedding planners shares ideas on how to make your day so ... Full story

Exploring African American Wedding Traditions

There are a variety of different African American wedding traditions to incorporate into the days leading up to your wedding, the ceremony and the reception. ... Full story

10 Best Free Wedding Websites

Keep guests informed about your wedding with your own personalized wedding website. Choose from a collection of designer templates and add tools to help your ... Full story

Somali Wedding

A traditional Somali wedding consist of various ceremonies and can last up to 7 days. On a Somali wedding day, a traditional cuisine of rice ... Full story

The Rehearsal Dinner: You're On!

There are no hard and fast rules about the rehearsal dinner and you may end up planning and paying for this as a couple, depending ... Full story

Wedding Cake Budget

Want a fantasy cake on a real-life budget? Most brides end up spending between $3 to $6 per slice on the sweet stuff, and most ... Full story

How do I pick a wedding theme?

Having a wedding theme is a great way to personalize your wedding. It will help you incorporate your personalities in nearly every aspect of planning, ... Full story

How do I decide on wedding colors?

Your wedding colors are the single most unifying characteristic of your wedding details so you’ll want to give them a lot of thought before making ... Full story

What's the difference between a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, and day-of planner?

Wedding Planners 101 Despite what you may have heard, did you know that hiring a wedding planner (also called a wedding consultant) can be a huge ... Full story

The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Weddings

One couple walked through the forest, hand-in-hand, to their ceremony site as guests watched the golden autumn leaves swirl around them. One couple took their vows ... Full story

Do my wedding colors have to match?

The key to creating a stylish and successful wedding color combo is understanding the relationship between colors. Pick one general color first -- say, blue ... Full story

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Here's what you need in your emergency kit to revitalize your pretty face and hair. Makeup 911 Kit: Concealer -- For after the kisses and crying. Lip color ... Full story

Trimming an Over-Ambitious Wedding Guest List

Your invitation guest list can be pared down in a number of thoughtful ways, including the following: Make across-the-board, clear-cut distinctions. To avoid hurt feelings when a ... Full story

Wedding Bloopers, McWeddings and Recessional Song Ideas

Everybody Loves a Good Wedding Blooper! We found this (hilarious) wedding photo from The Ellen Show and posted it on Facebook. Here's what you had to ... Full story

The Worst Things a Couple Could Hear Before Their Wedding Day

1. "Don't get married." We're not sure why people say this -- maybe they just can't stand to see others so happy. Either way, if you're ... Full story

The Top 10 Wedding Rules I Wish I Could Break

By now, you know there are enough wedding rules out there to fill volumes of etiquette books. So we asked brides just like you if ... Full story

My Fiance and I Are Very Nontraditional. How Can We Make Our Wedding Different?

There several ways you can make your wedding more memorable without crossing any boundaries, says WeddingChannel.com editor Christa Vagnozzi. "Although couples may think they're bucking ... Full story

The Complete Wedding Guest Guide

Being a wedding guest can be fraught with questions and challenges that are sometimes confusing. We don't want you to have any mishaps or be ... Full story

The Biggest Wedding Gaffes Ever

Let's just say that a bridesmaid tripping only begins to explain the embarrassment -- and the hilarity -- of these wedding mishaps real brides told ... Full story

The best advice I never got: Brides give their best tips

We all know that hindsight is 20/20, which is exactly why we asked brides who have been there to give us their best tips and ... Full story

The Basics: Wedding Guest Behavior

Attending a wedding sometime soon? Avoid a classic offense, with these tips. Our renowned etiquette expert provides the ultimate DOs and DON'Ts for wedding guests. DON’T… ... Full story

The 50 Questions Every Bride Asks

Sometimes, it's just hard to know where to start when it comes to planning a wedding. That's why we've rounded up 50 of the most ... Full story

The 10 Worst Things That Could Happen on Your Wedding Day

And you thought dealing with your future mother-in-law was bad! Here are the top 10 wedding day disasters -- and how you can prepare ahead ... Full story

The 10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

When it comes to planning a day this important, there's only one way to remember everything: lists, lists, and more lists. We've asked real brides ... Full story

Late, Noisy, Drunk or Unvited: Tips to surviving guest gaffes at your wedding

No matter the pains you have taken to ensure that your wedding is perfect, no matter how organized you are, there are some things even ... Full story

Guest Stealing the Spotlight: Please, Don't Wear White or Share Big News

Brides and grooms spend hours tirelessly researching etiquette so as to treat you, the guest, in the most respectful way possible. Likewise, most guests go ... Full story

Staying True to Your Wedding Style

Ultimately the most important choice you have to make in deciding the style of your wedding is how formal or informal you wish it to ... Full story

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