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Sensational Latin Locations for Destination Weddings

More and more couples craving romance, exoticism, and breathtaking surroundings for their destination wedding are migrating in one hot direction: south of the border. Check out our inside tips on the top places to get hitched, great guest activities, and everything you need to make your marriage legal.

Mexico exudes romance, convenience, and laidback luxury, which helps to explain why it's one of the most popular wedding destinations for altar-bound couples. With a convenient international airport, and slew of luxury hotels lining soft sands, Cabo San Lucas is an ideal spot for a wedding.

Popular Ceremony Spot
There are a ton of vow-worthy locations, but Cabo's Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach) stands out. Flanked by towering rocks, the beach has access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Bahía de Cabos San Lucas. Hovering above the water, the natural rock outcrops and arches at Land's End are one of Baja's most treasured landscapes. Just imagine the snapshots for the wedding album.

Guest Fun
Pre- and post-wedding activities can include world-famous scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, windsurfing, sea kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, and cycling. If "mellow" is more your guest's speed, they can relax over poolside dinners, stroll along the beaches, or go horseback riding up to Faro Viejo to watch the sunset. You can even play with sea lions, explore shipwrecks, or bungee jump seaside - all fun, bonding activities to bring your guests together.

Legal Ease
It's really pretty easy to get hitched in Mexico, and the cost is $230. There are no residency requirements, but you'll have to adhere to the following:

  • Waiting period of 2-4 days
  • Certified copies of birth certificates previously "legalized" and translated by the
  • Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the place of birth
  • Driver's licenses or passports
  • A copy of tourist card or visa
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate previously "legalized" by the Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the place of filing
  • Citizens under age 18 need parent or guardian's consent
  • Names, addresses, ages, nationalities and tourist-card numbers of four witnesses
  • Mexican-performed blood tests and X-rays
  • Judge's form

Note that requirements in Mexico do vary from city to city and judge to judge, so the Mexican Ministry of Tourism recommends that you budget two to four days to complete all requirements. Contact the Mexico Tourism Board at (800) 446-3942 for more information.

A veritable mix of old and new, the Dominican Republic offers countless opportunities for romance and makes tying the knot in unspoiled nature or European elegance equally easy. The Dominican Republic's tropical climate provides the surroundings for a wedding to remember.

Top Ceremony Spot
One of the best spots for a lovely low-key affair is Punta Cana, which lies along the eastern coast and is famous for its palm-lined beaches. [please mention a specific beach, cliff, etc. for weddings]

Guest Fun
Hiking, surfing, diving, cycling, and whale watching will keep your guests busy from dawn to dusk, or they can simply choose to luxuriate on the gorgeous shores. The festive capital of Santo Domingo bustles with fine hotels, museums, dining, architecture, nightclubs, and casinos, so your guests can enjoy the finer things

Legal Ease
Making it official in the Dominican Republic is a breeze and costs just $20. You'll just need to abide by the following:

  • US citizens are required to write to the American Consulate in Santo Domingo requesting permission to marry
  • Two witnesses need to be present (with photo I.D.)
  • Passports for the couple and for any foreign witnesses as well as birth certificates
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate if applicable
  • Parties must be at least 18 years of age
  • Notarized letter from an attorney, legalized by their embassy, stating that each person is single
  • All documents must be translated into Spanish upon arrival

Please contact the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic (212-768-2480) for specific information.

With miles upon miles of white-sand beaches perfect for exchanging vows, English as the official language, and the U.S. dollar as the official currency, Puerto Rico is an easy, romantic, and convenient spot for a wedding.

Top Ceremony Spot
San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, is a cosmopolitan city with high-rise beach strips and a colonial heart (it's the second-oldest city in the Americas). Just 30 miles away sits Rio Grande, a favorite among love-struck travelers. Its premier golf facilities, romantic horseback riding opportunities, and proximity to El Yunque tropical forest makes it a perfect place to wed - and play afterwards.

Guest Fun
Friends and family can enjoy luxurious spas, first-rate snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking trails, but the beaches are usually the top spot for revelers.

Legal Ease
The cost of getting married in Puerto Rico is a $2 stamp fee for a certified copy of license and a $20 fee to process all certificates (private ceremony or hotel fees average around U.S. $150 - $350). There are no residency requirements for U.S. citizens, but you'll need the following:

  • Driver's license or passport
  • Two witnesses over age 21 must be present
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate
  • Documented parental consent if either party is under 21 years of age
  • Health certificate from a resident practitioner in Puerto Rico
  • Blood tests are required, although a test conducted on the U.S. mainland within 10 days of the ceremony will suffice. A doctor in Puerto Rico must sign the license.
  • Both the bride and groom must appear in person at the time of applying

Marriage license papers may be requested in writing (allow two months):
Demographic Registry
P.O. Box 11854
Fernandez Juncos Station
San Juan, PR 00910
Phone: 787. 728. 7980

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