Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman Published 05/12/2017 15:16:00 | Views: 444
beer and wine outdoor wedding

Beer and wine is a great idea for an outdoor wedding. Here's how to stock the bar for a wine and beer wedding for 100 guest over a 4 hour period. Changes should be made for taste, season, and demographic of group

24 Bottles of Red Wine

24 Bottles of White Wine

6 cases of light Beer

3 cases of domestic Beer

2 cases of import Beer

24 Coke, Diet Coke

12 Ginger Ale, Sprite

24 Bottled water

For some couple, in addition to the basic selection of beer and wine, they also add a his and her signature drinks for the wedding.




Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 05/12/2017 15:16:00