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What is a champagne split?

In Champagne, a split is a quarter bottle of a regular bottle or 187ml. It can also be referred to as a pony or a piccolo. It is NOT a half bottle, although that seems to be a common misperception. 

Splits are not common in America but you can find a lot of them advertised online.

When you're invited to a party, the invitation usually tells you if they'll be giving you a half bottle of Champagne, a quarter bottle 'split' of Champagne - or some other fizz.*

Sizes of Champagne bottles:

Split           187 ml.
H-bottle      .375 ml.
Bottle         750 ml.
Magnum      2 bottles
Jeroboam    4 bottles
Rehoboam   5 bottles
Methuselah  7 bottles
Salmanazar  10 bottles
Balthazar    13 bottles
Nebuchadnezzar     16 bottles

How to tell from the label

• Brut – very dry
• Extra Dry – slighly sweet
• Demi-Sec – fairly sweet

Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 05/11/2017 19:36:00