The Top 10 Most Awkward Bridal Shower Moments

The key to a great bridal shower is keeping everyone happy. That's why we've rounded up the top 10 worst scenarios that could happen at your shower and how to gracefully handle each of them.

Awkward Moment #1: The Ultra-Tipsy Guest

Scenario: Your friend has downed one too many mimosas and is now causing a bit of a scene.

Solution: Gently guide your friend into another room and suggest she stick to water for the rest of the event. If she’s beyond the point of help, call her a cab and have your MOH or mother stay with her until she leaves, while you go back to the party. If anyone asks, tell your guests she has another engagement.

Awkward Moment #2: The Naughty Gift

Scenario: Your friend has brought a gift too naughty for grandma's eyes -- and she's dying for you to open it.

Solution: You've got to be firm here. If you can catch your friend beforehand, tell her that it would really upset your grandmother if you opened it in front of her, but you can’t wait to open it once she goes home. But if it's too late for that, simply peak into the box, thank your friend while explaining to everyone else that it's an inside joke, and quickly grab the next gift and comment on the lovely wrapping paper.

Awkward Moment #3: The Overzealous MOH

Scenario: Your MOH is psyched about the marathon of games she's planned but your guests don't seem into it.

Solution: Rally the troops! Excite your guests about the first game and then tell your MOH you'd love a time to chat with the guests and open your gifts. Who knows, they may love the first game so much that they’ll push for another.

Awkward Moment #4: The Misguided Maids.

Scenario: Your bridesmaids planned a wonderful shower -- for someone who is nothing like you.

Solution: Though they may be serving tea and crumpets while you're really a BBQ and beer kind of girl at heart, you still have to be gracious. Suck it up, smile – and remember, you're only there for a few hours. Besides, this is a great excuse to try something new. You only get one bridal shower. Embrace it.

Awkward Moment #5: The Rated R Shower

Scenario: Your friends planned something closer to a bachelorette party, and the older guests are not too happy.

Solution: This could be a tense situation -- especially if the Chippendale dancer just shimmied into the room and your grandmother fainted. Take your MOH aside and explain that while you're having a great time, you think some of the older guests are a bit uncomfortable. Since she may not have anything PG-rated planned, suggest you all simply have lunch and call it a day.

Awkward Moment #6: The MIA Guests

Scenario: After a surprise entrance, you realize a few VIP's were left off the guest list.

Solution: As they say, the show must go on! You're there now, so enjoy the party. Thank your bridesmaids for going through all the trouble of planning the shower -- and keeping it a surprise. That's no easy feat. You shouldn't stop the party to call any other friends and invite them last minute. Instead, call them after the party is over and explain the situation. Say you're so sorry that they missed out, but you're hoping to spend some extra time with them at the rehearsal dinner, or at a lunch date with just the two of you.

Awkward Moment #7: The TMI Guest

Scenario: One of your guests blurts out something inappropriate about your past during one of the shower trivia games.

Solution: The best thing you can do is not make a big deal of the situation. If you can, laugh it off. Best to stay calm and move the game along quickly -- you can reprimand your loose-lipped friend later.

Awkward Moment #8: The Doubled-Up Guests

Scenario: You open two of the same exact gifts right after each other.

Solution: Don't freak out – guests go off the registry all the time. Thank each of them and, if appropriate, you can even offer, “Perfect! I actually need more of these!” Bottom line: It's a gift that they paid for to celebrate your new life together. You and your fiance can decide if you need to dispose of the double gifts after the wedding.

Awkward Moment #9: The Feuding Friends

Scenario: Your guests start a major argument over who won a harmless shower game.

Solution: If you can feel a catfight for the centerpieces about to erupt, just walk over and snatch up the prize yourself. Tell your friends it's just a game and if they don't settle down, you will give the prize to your flower girl. This might be the one time it's OK to remind them that today is an event that all about you. No arguing allowed.

Awkward Moment #10: The Ugly Gift

Scenario: Your FMIL buys you an ugly gift, and your friend just can't stop giggling over it.

Solution: It’s a gift, and you must be gracious -- even if blankets with giant cats on them aren’t your style. As for your friend, if a serious sideways glance or a quick kick under the table doesn't shut her up, ask her to go to the restroom with you and talk to her there. The important thing is to keep your FMIL comfortable and happy so quickly move on to the next gift or change the conversation.

By Hannah Goodman 12/13/2015 17:48:00

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