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By Hannah Goodman Published 12/18/2015 17:14:00 | Views: 980
How to Avoid Gaining Weight at Bridal Parties and Events

There are lots of prewedding parties to attend, and there will be lots of eating to do while you're there. Avoid putting on a few extra pounds with these expert tips.

Before an event:

1. Work out 45 minutes before you leave. This workout should mainly include weightlifting to increase muscle stimulation.
2. Drink at least 60 ounces. This eliminates sodium and toxins in the blood.
3. Eat only protein and veggies. Make sure to take your essential oil supplement in the morning to avoid sugar cravings while at the party.
4. Don't eat fruit -- wait until you arrive at the party.
5. Ask to see the menu so you can decide what you will and won't let yourself eat.
6. If you can’t eat anything on the menu, prepare your own food to bring. (If you're worried about offending the host, explain that you're on a very strict diet and they will most likely understand!)

While at the event:

1. Women should eat at least 4 ounces of protein, while men should try to get 8 ounces. Everyone should drink 30 ounces of water.
2. Fill your plate with veggies.
3. Make sure to get your salad dressing on the side, unless it's low- or non-fat.
4. If dip is being served, eat no more than 2 tablespoons.
5. Only have one serving of fruit.
6. Avoid all breads and pasta. You may have a cup of wheat pasta if it’s available, and pair it with some sort of protein.
7. Try to avoid indulging in dessert. Any sugar included in your diet may cause major sugar cravings! Also, you could go over your weekly calorie limit and lose any weight loss progress you made that week.

After the event:

1. Do an hour of cardio activity: Go for a fast walk or a run, run up and down the stairs, take a bike ride, or just walk the dog. We know you’re trying to be good, but you will more than likely consume more calories than normal and doing cardio afterward will help you burn the extra calories you consumed.
2. Make a plan for the next day on how to combat the extra calories!

Bonus Tricks:

1. After you eat, brush your teeth and chew sugar-free gum. This will keep you from wanting just one more taste and curb munching.
2. Drink green tea or lemon water.
3. Eat from a small plate. This will help you with portion control.

Hannah Goodman
By Hannah Goodman 12/18/2015 17:14:00