Perfect Planning Checklists: Ring Bearer's Checklist

Ring Bearer Checklist     

These personal checklists are for you and each of your wedding party members and family. Mail them out to the appropriate people along with your weekend itinerary at least three weeks prior to the wedding.     
A helpful reminder of all the things you may need for the wedding weekend.  Please bring all of the items listed below to the following location.     
          Wedding Location: _________________________________________________     
          Date: ___________________________________________________________     
          Time: ___________________________________________________________                    
          Ring Bearers Name: ________________________________________________     

Items To Remember  

  • Book And/Or Quiet Toy     
  • Favorite Snacks   
  • Tuxedo Or Suit     
  • Shirt     
  • Vest/Cummerbund/Suspenders     
  • Tie     
  • Undergarments (Plus An Extra Pair)     
  • Studs/Cufflinks     
  • Shoes And Socks   
  • Comb and Brush     
  • Hair Gel     
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush     
  • Deodorant     
  • Prescription Medications (If Needed)     
  • Clothing For Rehearsal Dinner And Sunday Brunch     
  • I.D. Tags For Wedding Day Attire, Luggage and Personal Property     
  • Change of Clothes or Pajamas     
  • Ring Pillow     
  • Rings For The Bride And Groom     


Name of Tuxedo Rental Store: ________________________________________       

Tuxedo Pickup Date And Time: _______________________________________     

Store Address (Including Major Cross Streets): ____________________________     

Store Phone Number: _______________________________________________     

Tuxedo Reserved Under The Name Of: __________________________________     

Store Contact Name/Manager: _________________________________________     

Emergency Contact: ________________________________________________     

Extra Notes: _____________________

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