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The Veiled Bride

In her wedding, Lucy (a friend of mine) wore her grandmother’s wedding veil and its intricate lace detail matched her vintage themed wedding perfectly! Now, 6 years later, many brides are opting to go without a veil. Some chose to wear a tiara or other wedding jewelry instead, but our team loves the extra romantic touch that a wedding veil can add to your dress!

In Ancient Rome, wedding veils were used to protect the bride from evil spirits, but today they are used to enhance the bride’s beauty. There are several veil lengths that you will be able to choose from and each compliments different dress styles. Here are four basic lengths to help you begin shopping!

Bridal Elements Wedding Veil

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Elbow Length

An elbow length veil measures about 30 inches and is one of the most popular styles! This veil should – as the name suggests – fall to your elbow when your hands are to your sides. Elbow length veils look great with gowns that do not have a train, but have a full skirt. Beautiful for both semi-formal and formal wedding ceremonies, we’d recommend this veil for women who are 5’ 4” or shorter!  

Fingertip Length

This veil measures approximately 36 inches and will fall to your fingertips when your hands are at your side. The fingertip length veil can be worn with any full length dress, but we don’t recommend it for gowns with trains. Like the elbow length veil, this one can be worn for both semi-formal and formal wedding ceremonies. If you are taller than 5’ 7”, this veil is a great choice for you!

Chapel Length

A chapel length veil can looks best for more formal ceremonies. This veil can range from 70 to 90 inches and should fall just at or near the floor. We would recommend this veil to traditional brides who are wearing a full length dress. Longer veils are also complimentary for brides with rounder faces. For more information on matching your veil to your hairstyle, go here.

Cathedral Length

Our team finds that this dramatic veil is only appropriate for formal weddings. It should extend about six inches past the end of the bride’s train and looks best when paired with cathedral or semi-cathedral length dresses. The longer the dress, the longer your veil can be!

A veil should accentuate your dress so, unless you are wearing a family heirloom, you should get the dress before you purchase the veil. If you found a veil before the dress, or are wearing your mother’s veil, be sure to bring it when you go dress shopping!

The veil should cut just above or below any focal point on the dress to draw more attention to the spot and should almost always be longer than your hair. Try not to get a veil that ends where your bodice starts, instead look for one that works with the dress to create a romantic and elegant flow from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet (sales associates at the dress shop should be able to help point out areas where a veil should stop based on your dress).

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It’s also important to think about where you want the veil to sit on your head. If you want it to rest on top of your head, it will be shorter, but if you want to tuck it into a bun on the back of an up-do, it will be longer. Remember to take the veil with you to any hair style trial runs! This will give you a great indication of how it will look on your wedding day!

You might want to consider adding a little touch of color to your veil. You can add a little embroidery to the veil that matches the ring bearer pillow or the bridesmaids’ dresses and the bouquet! This is another great opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors.

Final Tip

Whether you have the dress shop steam your veil, or you hang it in the bathroom while you shower, there is an easy way to get it to your ceremony (or hairstylist) wrinkle-free! Simply slip the veil into a pillowcase or duvet color – depending on the length of your veil – and it will be ready for you to put on and walk down the aisle! 

Great place to buy veils online: Bridal Veil Creations & The Veil Collection or if you’re feeling adventurous, try a DIY veil

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